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Tramway Shooting Script

Tramway Shooting Script

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Published by Danny Dro
Set high above New York's East River, Tramway is the story of an ageing career criminal who must resort to desperate measures in order to survive.
Set high above New York's East River, Tramway is the story of an ageing career criminal who must resort to desperate measures in order to survive.

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Published by: Danny Dro on Aug 02, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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TramwayByRobin Fraser Pattinson(Seventh Draft)robin.pattinson@me.com
OPEN ON:A hand blindly searches under a car seat as the opening barsof William De Vaughn’s
Be Thankful for What You Got
beginsto play.Straining past fast food wrappers and plastic cassette tapecases, the hand then grasps a black snub-nose revolver.RADIO
Though you may not drive, a greatbig Cadillac.
1 INT. LUCASCAR - EVENINGSheltered from the evening wind, LUCAS DEFOE, a whitehaired, red faced man at the end of his working life, sitsbehind the wheel of a tired sedan.RADIO
Gangster white walls, TV antenna inthe back.
Fumbling with a crumpled parking ticket, Lucas then attemptsto scratch out the printed time using a quarter.RADIO
You may not have a car at all.
Pausing in his task for a moment, Lucas checks his watch.RADIO
But remember brothers and sisters,you can still stand tall.
Throwing the doctored ticket onto the dash, Lucas turns offthe radio and snatches a copy of the New York Post from theback seat before stepping out into the street and slammingthe car door shut.2 EXT. 59TH STREET - CONTINUOUSLooking up to the sky, Lucas opens his palm.Rain.Turning back to the car, he tries the door. Locked.While patting down his pants and checking his pockets, Lucaswalks around to the passenger side.Grasping the door handle, he closes his eyes. Tries it-(CONTINUED)
CONTINUED: 2.Locked.Leaning down and blocking the sunlight with his hands, Lucaspeers inside the car to see his jacket on the back seatbefore turning to the front to find his keys, complete withSea World keyring, dangling from the ignition.In the window’s reflection, we watch Lucas straighten up,staring blankly down at Kayla the Orca Whale as a light rainbegins to speckle the glass.3 EXT. TRAMWAY PLAZA - MOMENTS LATERShrugging his shoulders and flipping the collar of his paperthin Harrington, Lucas approaches the Roosevelt IslandTramway.Meanwhile, a TELEPHONE CONVERSATION begins to play.MAN’S VOICE (VO)He’s on his way out the city. Yougot a car?LUCAS (VO)Yeah.MAN’S VOICE (VO)Get to 59th and 1st, the tramway.LUCAS (VO)What?MAN’S VOICE (VO)Roosevelt Island. It’s how they getthe money out. You got a gun?LUCAS (VO)Is
gonna have a gun?MAN’S VOICE (VO)How the fuck should I know.LUCAS (VO)That’d be a good thing for me toknow.MAN’S VOICE (VO)You think I have to call you,Lucas? I don’t have to call you.I’m doing you a fucking favor.(CONTINUED)

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