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Pilger - Freedom Next Time (2007) - Synopsis

Pilger - Freedom Next Time (2007) - Synopsis



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Published by Mark K. Jensen
Synopsis of John Pilger, Freedom Next Time: Resisting the Empire (New York: Nation Books, 2007). Discussed at Digging Deeper (www.ufppc.org) on January 28, 2008.
Synopsis of John Pilger, Freedom Next Time: Resisting the Empire (New York: Nation Books, 2007). Discussed at Digging Deeper (www.ufppc.org) on January 28, 2008.

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Published by: Mark K. Jensen on May 24, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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UFPPC (www.ufppc.org) Digging Deeper XL: January 28, 2008, 7:00 p.m.
 John Pilger,
Freedom Next Time: Resisting the Empire
(New York: Nation Books,2007).Acknowledgments.
List of 33 people.
“This book is aboutempire, its façades and the enduringstruggle of people for their freedom” (1).“[C]olonial assumptions” (1) and“servility to the state” (2) dictate newscoverage, which distinguishes between“worthy victims” and “unworthy victims”(3). A crime is only a crime if theperpetrators are ‘them,’ not ‘us’” (4).Imperialist ideology is beingrehabilitated, after it was “airbrushedout” in the post-WWII period (5-7).Liberals twist words in Orwellian fashion(7-8). This book “pushes back this one-way moral screen to demonstrate thatimperialism, in whatever guise, is theantithesis of ‘benevolent and moralistic’”(8). Review of book’s contents (8-13). IsAmerica fascist or pre-fascist? (13-16).Britain not that different (16). “I havewritten
Freedom Next Time
to warnagainst these dangers” (17).Hopefulness (18-19). There is “aworldwide movement against povertyand war and misinformation that hasarisen in less than a decade . . . just asthe conquest of Iraq is unravelling, so awhole system of domination andimpoverishment can unravel, too” (19).
Ch. 1: Stealing a Nation.
The evictionof the 2,000 people who lived on theChagos archipelago, principally on DiegoGarcia, after the secret decision made in1961-1964 by the U.S. & the U.K. toestablish an Indian Ocean base; there theU.S. now maintains “four thousandservice personnel and contractors, twobomber runways, each two and a half miles long, anchorages for a fleet of ships, living conditions the US Navydescribes as ‘indispensable,’‘outstanding’ and ‘unbelievable,’” thoughhabitability was one of the ruses used to justify the eviction of the Chagossians(56, see also 45; 20-61). [There is anexcellent timeline at
Ch. 2: The Last Taboo.
Account of, inEdward Said’s words, the “oppressionand maltreatment” of the Palestinians,and of the distortion of reporting about it(62-162). “The ‘peace process’ wasnever about peace, but principally aboutgreater Israeli control of the Occupied Territories” (149).
Ch. 3: Shining India.
A portrait of poverty and starvation in India, despiteofficial images to the contrary: “India ishome to more people living in povertythan any other country in the world”(167; 163-76).
Ch. 4: Apartheid Did Not Die.
Economic apartheid is alive and well inSouth Africa (177-263). Featuresinterview with Nelson Mandela (258-62).
Ch. 5: Liberating Afghanistan.
Thesurreal mirage of the liberation of Afghanistan, right out of 
(264-313). Features interviews with DouglasFeith (297-301), John Bolton (301-05),William Kristol (misspelled ‘Kristal’) (305-07), Ray McGovern (307-11)..
30 pp.
Picture Acknowledgments.
1 page.
19 pp.
[About the Author.
John Pilger wasborn in Sydney, Australia, on Oct. 9,1939. He has published twelve booksand made more than two dozendocumentary films. Critique of Westernforeign policy runs through all his work.

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