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EZine - 29a-5

EZine - 29a-5

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Published by etiennekraemer

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Published by: etiennekraemer on May 25, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Editorial:Introduction VirusBuster/29ANews VirusBuster/29AContributors VirusBuster/29AMembership VirusBuster/29ADistribution VirusBuster/29AOur greetings 29A staffPolicies and goals Darkman/29ASecret area VirusBuster/29AAbout the viewer VirusBuster/29AVX meeting in Brno 2000 Benny/29AA Bucket Of Letters Lord Julus/29AReference guide to VX sites VirusBuster/29AGenerally about VX scene Benny/29AArticles:Considerations Infecting 32bits Libraries For Windows Bumblebee/29ABumblebee's guide to Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Bumblebee/29AMetamorphism Lord Julus/29AAdvanced polymorphic engine construction The Mental Driller/29ALZEXPAND Tutorial Bumblebee/29AWhy a "good" virus is good idea VirusBuster/29AWormz in 21st century Benny/29AHow to make infected system to depend on the virus Prizzy/29ANetWork Distributed Viruses Bumblebee/29ALocal Network Infection Lord Julus/29AMulti-process residency Benny/29AVirii Feedback TangentViriiWin32 Bait Detection SnakeByteLinux Shell Script Viren SnakeBytePerl Viruses SnakeByteLord Julus' Metamorphism Demo Lord Julus/29AWin32 386+ Random-Number-In-Range Generator T-2000/Immortal RiotMIME/UUENCODE attachment encoders T-2000/Immortal RiotSMTP client T-2000/Immortal RiotEncrypted ZIP files to evade e-mail gateway scanners T-2000/Immortal RiotHow to get AVP not detecting viruses in OLE2 files Tcp/29AEncryptation through relocs Tcp/29AWin9x Ring0 Quest part I Super/29AFour elephants on a tortoise! jackieUtilities:Behold PE 4.0 Lord Julus/29ARecursive Random Assembler Code Creator (RRRACC) 1.03 RajaatThe WalruS Macro Virus Generator v. 1.0 The WalruSMuazzin SDK VecnaKewl Mutation Engine 32 v3.00 Z0MBiEVirsort 2000 Special Edition for 29A #5 VirusBuster/29AWindows 95 / 98 / ME:DarkMillennium ClauRepus Super/29AHenZe HenKyNoise Bumblebee/29AEspore HenKyPutita HenKyEstukista HenKySentinel f0reSVK Tcp/29A
Windows NT / 2000:WinNT/Adonai HenKyWin2K/Stream Benny/29A & RatterWin32 viruses:99 ways to die Bumblebee/29ADream Prizzy/29ARainsong Bumblebee/29ARammstein Lord Julus/29ADengue Hemorrhagic Fever GriYo/29AH0rtiga |ZanHIV Benny/29ATuareg The Mental Driller/29ARousSarcoma SnakeBytePGN Z0MBiEDemiurg Black JackLaraCroft ZeMacroKiller98Idele Doxtor L./TechnologicalIllusionsMisc viruses and worms:Linux/LoTeK WintermuteLinux/Zipworm! VecnaI-Worm/Energy Benny/29AI-Worm/Chainsaw T-2000/Immortal RiotI-Worm/Icecubes f0reI-Worm/Troodon ClauI-Worm/XTC Benny/29AHLP/Ayuda Bumblebee/29AMacro/Furio The WalruSMacro/Karma The WalruSMacro/One jackiePHP/Pirus MaskBits/VXICMD/r0bin-&-m4rian NemoDOS/ACG disasm Super/29A
IntroductionÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄAncient guys in the VX scene could not believe it when they heard 29A groupwas releasing his 5th issue in december, just 9 months after 4th issue. Wecould say we scored a goal to the goal of release 29A magazine within a year,as we promised in this same section in last issue.We also promised we would stop releasing 29A magazine at certain dates,and you, reader, could think 31th december is one of those certain dates, butyou would be wrong because back in july we decided to release 5th issue indecember, and we, doing a nice work of group, have been successful finishingthe issue at the expected time, also being satisfied with our work.In this new release we make a new promise: 29A will try to don't releasemore huge issues as 4th one, or at least not due to MP3 files. Anyway, it's29A group who decides what's released, being decission of each reader decideif the zine deserves the download or not.From here, we would like to thank very much all the contributors to 29A #5,those ones who got their work published, and those ones that sent us stuffto publish but we didn't. It's with the efforts of 29A members but alsocontributors how 29A gets releases of quality, that's why we, in 29A, must begrateful to them. We are also grateful to VaW for his intro for the zine.Darkman, Lethal Mind, Reptile and Sopinky left 29A due their inactivity inthe group, Bumblebee and Prizzy left for personal problems and Mandragorejoined 29A. Regards and best whises to the ex-members.Apologizes to our readers because in last issue we published a virus(Nemesi by AcidWerks), already published in DIE #1 (SaBoTaGiO by TechnoKnight). Thanks to T-2000 for let us notice it.You must notice: 29A issue 5 has to be extracted using Long FileName (LFN).29Aers hope readers enjoy with this new production from 29A group, and alsothat antivirus companies enjoy detecting and removing viruses released in ourzine, wishing more luck to ex-AVP than last time disinfecting GriYo's CTX ordetecting Bumblebee's 99 ways to die.