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Silent Hill Homecoming (Alex, Elle & D. Wheeler Diaries)

Silent Hill Homecoming (Alex, Elle & D. Wheeler Diaries)



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Published by Nivekaxel
Three different perspectives.
Three different perspectives.

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Published by: Nivekaxel on May 25, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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August 2
s hot here. Sweltering. I can barely breathe. But I guess that 
s the point. War is hell,right?Why am I writing this? Some of the guys said it would be good for me to communicate with the outside world. Keeps up your morale and improves mental health. Sir, yes, sir.Besides, what else am I gonna do with my free time? Write home?Unfortunately, I can 
 t tell you where I am.
And I can’t tell you what I’
m doing here either. All I can tell you is my name, PFC Alex Shepherd. And all you need to know is 
m a million miles from home in the middle of the nowhere, with thousands of people  trying to kill me every day.So how did I get here? Well, I guess I should probably explain.
August 4
Went on patrol today. That 
s pretty much what we do every day.
d give you the details but a) I
’d get court 
-martialed and 
b) it’s not that interesting. It’
s mostly driving around,keeping your eyes open, looking for bad guys. Most of the time, nothing happens. If something do 
es, I’
ll let you know.I said I
d tell you how I got here. I guess there are a lot of reasons. They
re pretty much 
 the same as everybody else’
s. Small town, not many choices. Military dad, military son.I
ll get to him later. Don 
 t have energy right now.But I guess the main reason I joined up was, I wanted to make a difference, do some  good. I know it sounds cheesy, but who knows? Maybe I
ll learn something about myself.I
m not trying to be a bad ass or a hero or anything; I just want to do something that matters.
August 5 
Today it was so hot I thought my skin was gonna melt right off my body. Our tents have A/C but the cool air never stays in. Still, when you go inside any of the mobile CPs,you stay there as long as you can whether you have any business there or not. It feels  good.
I used to love the heat. In the summertime my brother and I would spend every second we could at the beach. Our town is on a lake and there were always tourists cominginto town to go fishing or boating or whatever.When I was in high school, I would sometimes work at the docks filling gas to make some money. The girls who came there on vacation 
 t even get me started talking
about girls while I’
m stuck out here.Damn, I just got really homesick for a second thinking about summertime. My last summer there, I hung out with my friend Elle pretty much everyday. I could probablywrite five pages just about her. Just about the coolest chick in the world. We wer friends all through high school up until I left, but I haven 
 t really been in touch with her since. I haven 
 t really been in touch with anyone.I guess that 
s kind of the point. One of the reasons I left.
Things weren’
 t always so great back there.
They weren’
 t always like the summertime. In fact, most of the time, things sucked.To be continued...
August 6
We took a patrol through a town about 50 miles from here today. It was like a ghost  town. A storm blew through and you could barely see twenty feet in front of your face.Every once in a while some villagers would appear and we would train our weapons on them. They wouldn 
even react. They would just walk right by us as if we 
 even there. It was spooky. I was glad as hell when we got out of there.That was the first time I ever really felt afraid here. I felt like there was somethingwaiting for me around every corner. I felt vulnerable. The only thing that kept me goingwas the mission. I
just glad to be back in my tent now.My dad would have called me weak. He spent fifteen years in the military. Yeah,nothing to live up to there, huh? He tried to groom me to be a soldier for a while, but he pretty much gave up on that after my brother was born. I think it surprised the hell out of him when I enlisted. He probably didn 
think I could do it.Well, here I am.
August 8
a local kid here who comes by everyday trying to sell stuff. When he first showed up, the MPs were nervous and searched him to make sure he 
bombs. But after two days he became 
best friend.
got this huge smile and he just charms everybody. He reminds me of my brother Joshua. Everybody loves Joshua. Even when he does something wrong, he never gets in trouble. He just smiles  that big smile and gets himself out of it.I remember the day he was born how happy my parents were. It was almost like relief.Joshua 
ten years younger than and I think they were trying to have another kid the entire time so I think they were just glad he was healthy. They pretty much spoiled him from that day on. I didn 
mind it at first, because he and I get along great. But  they basically wrote me off after he showed up. Even now, I
received a single letter from them since I left. I
bother with mail call.Back in high school, I knew I had to get out of town. That 
something I could never really talk to Elle about. Both our families have been there for generations (get it 
Glen? I know,
remind me how much it sucks to have the town named after some great-great grandfather of yours) so it 
not an easy thing to discuss. But Elle never really felt that pressure to live up to her family name. She was independent, she did her own thing. No one told her how to live. I loved that. When I left, everything was  just so chaotic that I never even got the chance to say goodbye. But I
been gone so longnow. I
even know if 
remember me.
August 9
I saw a guy
legs get blown off today. He was walking patrol alongside an APC when an anti-personnel mine when off on the side of the road. The top half of his body did a back flip and landed right in front of me. Without thinking, I wrapped a tourniquet around each bloody stump and began to give him CPR. I was at it for an hour before  the medics showed up. Then I went around the corner and threw up for twenty minutes.To be continued...
August 10
I grew up in a small town. I left because I wanted to make a difference and the people around me were too blind to see that I could. I don't care if I ever go back there, but I'd like the people I do care about to know that in a bad situation I did everything I could  to make it better. I'd want them to be proud of me.We're going on a mission tonight. No patrols, no guard duty, a real mission. Militias have taken control of a nearby town and we're going in to clear them out and liberate  the civilians living there. We're trained, we're ready, and this is the reason we're here.

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