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John Arthur Religion Morality and Conscience

John Arthur Religion Morality and Conscience

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Published by martin

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Published by: martin on May 25, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Title of the Book:Contemporary Moral Problems Seventh Edition by James E. WhiteBook Review Chapter:John Arthur: Religion Morality and ConscienceQuote:“Religion is often said, is necessary so that people will do right. Religion is therefore saidto be necessary in that it provides motivation to do the right thing.”What I expect to learn:
What is the meaning of religion? Is it really right or wrong?
What does religion connected to morality?
Does morality is right than the religion?Review:John Arthur studies how morality has been thought to depend on religion, that religionmotivates people who believe on it to do the right thing, that religion gives guidance forpeople for their correct course of their action, and that religion is essential to be right andwrong in some ways. John Arthur says that nature of morality is to ask what it wouldmean for a society to exist without social moral code. This chapter tells us that peopleneed religion to guide people to do the right thing and support them on their action is amistake. John Arthur also discusses the Divine Command Theory, that tell us that Godcommands us to do the right thing, but that doesn’t mean that anyone can make the right just by commanding it. And Arthur also says that morality is influenced by religion (as isreligion by morality).What I learned:
Morality and Religion can complicate things
Morality is somehow influenced by Religion
Religion is somehow influenced by MoralityIntegrative Question:
What is the meaning of Divine Command Theory?
Why John Arthur does reject the Divine Command Theory?
What is the connection of Religion to Morality?
What is the connection of Morality to Religion?
Review Question:1.
According to Arthur, how are morality and religion different?
Morality and Religion is different because Morality is inherently social, ina variety of ways. It depends on socially learned language, is learned frominteractions with others and governs our interactions with others in thesociety. While Religion involves beliefs in supernatural powers thatcreated and perhaps also control nature, the tendency to worship and prayto those supernatural forces of beings, and the presence of organizationalstructures and authoritative texts.2.
Why isn't religion necessary for moral motivation?
Religion is isn’t necessary foe moral motivation is because people want todo the right thing and they believe that by doing the right thing God willbe pleases on what they did.3.
Why isn't religion necessary as a source of moral knowledge?
Religion is isn’t necessary a source of moral knowledge because thisargument fails, how much people need to learn about Religion andRevelation in order for the Religion to provide moral guidance saysArthur.4.
What is the divine command theory? Why does Arthur reject this theory?
The divine command theory means that God provides the foundation orbedrock on which morality is grounded. Arthur reject this theory becausehe said that is because of what implies that suppose we were to grant thatthe divine theory is correct, so that the actions are right just because theyare commanded by God.5.
According to Arthur, how are morality and religion connected?
It is not actually that connected to each other. Arthur says that Morality isonly influenced by Religion and Religion is influenced by Morality.6.
Dewey says that morality is social. What does this mean, according to Arthur?
According to Arthur the answer is that the assembly Dewey is describingis that Morality is therefore inherently social, in a variety of ways. Itdepends on socially learned language, is learned from interactions withothers and governs our interactions with others in society.Discussion Question:1.
Has Arthur refuted the divine command theory? If not, how can it be defended?
Yes Arthur refuted the divine command theory; he defended it by saying thatactions cannot be right because it is said by God. For me this statement is nota believer of God. People has already the initiative of what is the right andwrong thing to do.

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