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How to have lines used by pua really work on women

How to have lines used by pua really work on women



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Published by FrancoSeduction
A free guide by Franco Seduction to learn how to use pickup lines in a way which really is effective on women.
A free guide by Franco Seduction to learn how to use pickup lines in a way which really is effective on women.

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Published by: FrancoSeduction on May 25, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Franco Seduction´s tips on how to use pickup lines effectively
Hi All,
This is a free guide about how to
use effectively pickup lines
, the founder of 
Franco Seduction.
 I hope you find it useful. I wish you can put this into practice in everyday life to make of therealization of all your desires become true.Best Regards,
The content is created and copyright by Franco Seduction – Pickup, Seduction andFemale Relationships Coaching. Apply for Franco Seduction´s Free Newsletter 
Content created and copyrightby Franco Seduction
Hey All,Let's talk a little bit about how to build effective pickup lines and how to have them
really work 
onwomen.Here is Hans writing from Germany.He is in discomfort and very close to get prompt relief to his trouble in getting past the pickup lines.“Franco,First of all thank you for the recent advice on how to get rid of my one-itis for my former girlfriend.I really realize now how she played me like a violin.In this period of my life I am very much out doing pickup and have this issue of not being able toget past the pickup line causing me a real pain.I use some pickup lines like this one:“Hey, I think I saw you before. Ah! Now I remember.. it was in Paradise”or “Hello, are we related? Do you want us to be?”The results are a disaster: some of them laugh straight to my face, some turn their face to another direction, someone looks at me like I would be an alien coming from Mars.The worst ones are the ones who stare at me with a disgusted expression on their faces.”What´s going on here? Am I not being cocky and funny here?The girls I am approaching are about 8s on my scale so quite beautiful.Please help.Regards, Hans”“Dear Hans,I can feel your pain. See men are logical, practical creatures. We tend to think along the logic of:a > b > c > d > e > f >... along a logical chain of events.So you are probably thinking:
Content created and copyrightby Franco Seduction
I use a pickup line > she responds to me > we have sex.Well, Hans, that´s not the case with women.Women are extremely interested in
5 things
when they deal with men:
A challenge.
Feeling strong, different emotions.
Strong leadership.
You are not “hitting” on her (this makes her feel like a slut if you do)
You do not come out as supplicating to her. You do not come out as kissing her up.To have your pickup lines structured in an effective way please ask yourself these 6 questions before you open your mouth:
Am I being a challenge to her right now?
Does she get the feeling that we are communicating?
Do I induce in her strong and different emotions?
Am I leading her?
Do I come out as hitting on her?
Do I come out as kissing her up?If the answer to all of the first 4 is yes and the answer to the last 2 is no then your pickup line willget you very, very far.So let´s look at all the 6 points closely:
One big reason pickup lines do not work is: you are not being a challenge to her by using one.Believe it or not: many other guys tried that on her the same day.I am right now traveling by ship to my summer house.Well only this morning at the ship terminal I saw at least 3 guys trying the same stuff on a group of young women sitting at the bar.Same thing was happening on the ship.These guys were drunk and came out as really, really lame.All the girls of the world and even the ones who are barely 7s have "already seen it all."
Content created and copyrightby Franco Seduction

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