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Zivko Mikic - Anthropological Traces of Slav Presence in Kosovo and Metochia

Zivko Mikic - Anthropological Traces of Slav Presence in Kosovo and Metochia

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Published by Vasko Gligorijevic
Mikić, Ž., "Anthropological Traces of Slav Presence in Kosovo and Metochia", BALCANICA (XXXVI/2005)
Mikić, Ž., "Anthropological Traces of Slav Presence in Kosovo and Metochia", BALCANICA (XXXVI/2005)

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Published by: Vasko Gligorijevic on May 25, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Živko Mikić
 Anthropological Traces of Slav Presence in Kosovo and Metochia 
 Te anthropological history of the population of Kosovo and Metochia islittle known. Te reasons for that are well known, especially with regard tothe last century. Anthropology has not yet been sufficiently institutionalisedin our environment, and throughout the second half of the twentieth cen-tury state ideology was not interested in promoting scientific fields apt tostand in the way of its doctrine. As a result, for instance, only few medievalnecropolises from Kosovo and Metochia were anthropologically analyzedand published: Matičane near Priština, Djonaj near Prizren, Kuline andRezala near Kosovska Mitrovica, and, to a lesser extent, Novo Brdo not farfrom Priština. Of course, the number of archeologically investigated ne-cropolises is significantly larger, but their anthropological material has beenlost in the meantime. Let us look into this in more detail.Not so long ago, in , V. S. Jovanović, in his lucid and system-atic study “Archaeological Research of Medieval Monuments and Sites inKosovo”, quoted a total of  necropolises, not including almost one thou-sand graves researched in Novo Brdo cathedral and its graveyard. Tese necropolises, in the order specified by V. S. Jovanović, are the following:
ROGOVO – the site of Fuše near Djakovica. In , during theexcavations of prehistoric mounds, medieval graves of the eighth and ninthcenturies were found.
 Te anthropological material was not analyzed.ČEČEN – near the village of Dubovac in the vicinity of Vučitrn. Tearchaeological material, part of which is kept in the National Museum inBelgrade, indicates a medieval necropolis roughly dated to the ninth cen-tury (earrings etc.).
As it was not archeologically excavated, the anthropo-
V. S. Jovanović, “Arheološka istraživanja srednjovekovnih spomenika i nalazišta naKosovu”, in Naučni skupovi SANU vol. XLII (Belgrade, ), .
M. Garašanin, “Rogovo ‘Fuše’ Djakovica – praistorijska nekropola sa humkama”,
 Arheološki pregled 
 (Belgrade, /), -.
V. Jovanović, “Über den frühmittelalterlichen Schuck von Čečen auf Kosovo”,
 (Prilep, ), -.
Balcanica XXXVI40
logical material cannot be discussed. Tere is only a record about the sitebeing stripped of the material by the villagers.MAIČANE – a medieval necropolis near the village of the samename in the vicinity of Priština, archeologically excavated between and . One hundred and twelve graves were investigated and dated tothe tenth and eleventh centuries.
Te anthropological material was ana-lyzed and the analysis submitted for publication to the
Glasnik MuzejaKosova
(Kosovo Museum Herald) by the author of this paper some thirty  years ago, but the paper has not been published to date; so on this occasionmore will be said about this medieval necropolis from the anthropologicalperspective.BADOVAC – a village near the monastery of Gračanica. In  asmall-scale rescue excavation discovered some ten graves. On the basis of grave goods, the necropolis was roughly dated to the tenth and eleventhcenturies.
Anthropological analysis was not performed.ŠIROKO – the site of DUBOČAK near Suva Reka. In  a me-dieval necropolis buried in prehistoric mounds was investigated. Tere is norecord of the exact number of graves and skeletons, and the necropolis wasroughly dated to the tenth and eleventh centuries.
Anthropological analy-sis was once again skipped over.VRBNICA – a village on the bank of the Drim in the vicinity of Prizren. In  about  graves were investigated and dated, few to thefifth and sixth centuries, and most to a period between the tenth and thir-teenth centuries.
Te osteological material was submitted for analysis tothe Hungarian archaeologist J. Nemeskéri who, in the late s, also ana-lyzed the skeletons of allegedly “executed leaders of the League of Prizren”.However, no relevant anthropological report has appeared to date.DJONAJ – or the site of Ploše near Prizren. In ,  graves of a medieval necropolis were investigated and dated to a period between thetenth and thirteenth centuries.
Anthropological analysis of the skeletons was carried out by Ž. Mikić.
PRČEVO – or the site of Boka near the village of the same name. In excavations of the prehistoric tumuli were carried out, and some 
V. S. Jovanović,
 Arheološka istraživanja
, -.
V. S. Jovanović,
 Arheološka istraživanja
, .
A. Bačkalov, “Vrbnica kod Prizrena – nekropola X-XIII veka”,
 Nakit na tlu Srbije od IX do XV veka
, Exhibition catalogue (Belgrade: National Museum, ).
Bačkalov, “Vrbnica kod Prizrena”, –.
Ž. Mikić, “Antropološke karakteristike srednjovekovne nekropole Djonaj kod Prizre-na”,
Glasnik Muzeja Kosova
 XIII/XIV (Pristina, ), -.
Ž. Mikić, Anthropological races of Slav Presence41
medieval graves discovered. Te necropolis was roughly dated to the periodbetween the tenth and twelfth centuries.
Analysis of the anthropologicalmaterial was not performed.BELA CRKVA – or the site of Kiš or Požig, in the village of thesame name near Djakovica. In ,  graves of a medieval necropolis were investigated and dated to the turn of the twelfth and thirteenth centu-ries on the basis of archaeological finds.
Te anthropological material wasnot analyzed.KULINE – on the left bank of the river Ibar, near the village of Banje in Ibarski Kolašin. In  a medieval church and its cemetery withabout  graves were archeologically investigated. On the basis of the in-scriptions and grave goods, the necropolis was dated to the period betweenthe thirteenth and eighteenth centuries.
Te anthropological material wasanalyzed by Ž. Mikić.
) / REZALA – in the village of the same name in Ibarski Kolašin. In  archaeological exca- vations were performed, and  graves investigated. On the basis of gravegoods, the necropolis was dated to the period between the thirteenth andseventeenth centuries.
Te skeletons were anthropologically analyzed andpublished by Ž. Mikić.
ZASKOK – or the site of Kamena near the village of the same namein the vicinity of Uroševac. In  and  a medieval cemetery withabout  graves was investigated. On the basis of the jewellery of metaland glass, it was preliminarily dated to the fifteenth and sixteenth centu-ries.
Anthropological analysis was not carried out.NOVO BRDO – on Mala Planina east of Priština. Archaeologicalexcavations were carried out intermittently between  and .
Bačkalov, “Vrbnica kod Prizrena”, -.
J. Kovačević, “Bela Crkva u Metohiji – arhitektonski objekti VI veka i nekropola sakraja XII veka”,
 Arheološki pregled 
 (Belgrade, ), -.
A. Bačkalov, “Kuline – ostaci crkve i nekropole”,
Glasnik Muzeja Kosova
XIII/XIV (Pristina, ), -.
Ž. Mikić, “Beitrag zur Antropologie spätrömischer bis zum spätmittelaltericherBevölkerungen Jugoslawiens“,
Godišnjak Centra za balkanološka ispitivanja ANU BiH 
 XXII/ (Sarajevo, ), –.
Z. Nedeljković, “Srednjovekovna nekropola ‘Grčko groblje’ u Rezalama”,
Glasnik Muzeja Kosova
XIII/XIV (Pristina, ), -.
Mikić, “Beitrag zur Antropologie”, -.
V. S. Jovanović,
 Arheološka istraživanja
, -.
M. Ćorović-Ljubinković, Arheološka iskopavanja na Novom Brdu u toku . go-dine”,
IX-X (Belgrade, /), -.

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