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Same Page Campaign Issue

Same Page Campaign Issue

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Published by: Editor on Aug 05, 2013
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Jan Tuckercallac@janbtucker.com Same Page campaign issue
I am forwarding an email to Same Page coalition members concerning the45th Assembly race.The organizations who participated in SPC made an early endorsement of SFV/NELA NOW board member Dan McCrory in 2011. We required him togo through the same process as all other candidates. He is not cc'd on thisper our conflict of interest policies.When Governor Schwarzenegger made his "girlie men" comments weresponded with a statement and a poster denouncing his sexist language.If a politician referred to a woman as a girl, we would denounce that.What is good for the gander is good for the goose.Let me know your thoughts about whether and what we should do aboutthis.
Jan B. Tucker J.B. Tucker & Associates, PI-10143P.O. Box 433 Torrance CA 90508-0433Tel: 213.787.5476 Fax: 310.618.1950 
 AIM: janbtucker Twitter: janbtucker Facebook: Jan B. Tucker 
Myspace: Jan B. Tucker 
----- Forwarded Message -----
John Alford <mrjohnalford@gmail.com>
Thursday, August 1, 2013 11:45 AM
Hoffman Campaign Piece
Hey Jan,
Per our conversation, I've listed below the email that the Hoffman campaign put out. Pleasefeel free to make use of any of the following language below that you feel might be useful inresponding to it:"We work hard every day for a society in which no one is belittled for their race, gender or
sexual orientation. That’s why we are outraged that West Valley Assembly candidate AndraHoffman would, in her first campaign piece, refer to her opponents as “three young boys.” The
days are long past that any adult candidate for public office would be degraded with the word
“boy” or “girl.”
Our chapter of NOW stands by our endorsement of Dan McCrory, age 58, asthe best feminist and strongest progressive in this race."Best,
 Dear family, friends, and colleagues:
I’m writing to let you know that I’ve made a big decision in my life.
I’ve decided to run for 
State Assembly! After raising my kids alone while putting myself through school, and workingin both the non-
 profit sector and public higher education, I’ve dec
ided to continue my career in public service by serving the people of California.There are far too few women in elected positions at the local, state and federal level. At thestate level in California, out of 120 elected legislators, only 31 are women! Furthermore, myopponents are three young boys who work for elected officials. They have no experience other than short careers in politics. Two work for city council members and one works for acongressman.
I’m told that in order to be taken seri
ously, I need to raise $50,000 by May 31!Yes, you heard that correctly. These men will have the money to run because they will have the political clout and support, as well as favors owed to the elected officials they work for.
I’m an
educator, not a politician. I entered this race three weeks ago.
I’ve often been asked why morewomen don’t run for office.
This is the reason….it is an uneven playing field.
Money is moreimportant that policy at this stage of the campaign. I need your help in order for me to becompetitive in the is race.
I’m asking you for your support.
Please reach deep and consider contributing to my campaign. Iknow that I can win this election, but I cannot do it without your help.
My ‘love money’ is the
most important money I can raise right now. I have received lots of positive support from the
organizations I’ve contacted.
However, there is a process and all candidates must go through

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