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National Food Plan White Paper

National Food Plan White Paper

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Published by Shane Roberts
Australia’s food industry stands at a
gateway to new opportunities. To take
advantage of these, the National Food
Plan sets out a framework that will guide
the food industry, the community and
governments for years to come.
Australia’s food industry stands at a
gateway to new opportunities. To take
advantage of these, the National Food
Plan sets out a framework that will guide
the food industry, the community and
governments for years to come.

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Published by: Shane Roberts on Aug 05, 2013
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NationaFood Pan
Our ood uture
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National Food Plan: Our ood uture
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National Food Plan, Our ood uture
, Departmento Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Canberra.ISBN 978-1-76003-000-1 (printed)ISBN 978-1-76003-001-8 (online)
National Food Plan, Our ood uture isavailable atda.gov.au/ nationaloodplan
Department o Agriculture, Fisheries and ForestryPhone +61 2 6272 3933Email nationaloodplan@da.gov.auWeb da.gov.au/nationaloodplan
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During the 2010 election the GillardGovernment committed to developing Australia’s rst National Food Plan toprovide a vision or our ood uture. TheNational Food Plan is a roadmap or theuture o Australia’s ood industry. Australia’s ood industry stands at agateway to new opportunities. To takeadvantage o these, the National FoodPlan sets out a ramework that will guidethe ood industry, the community andgovernments or years to come.From classrooms to kitchens, romelds to actories and rom paddocksto Asian markets the decisions that wetake individually within a ood producingnation spreads across the economy andacross communities.Fiteen percent o the Australian workorceis involved in ood production, we export$30.5 billion annually and produce enoughto eed the country twice over. Foodcreation is the biggest employer in ruraland regional communities.Consumers now have more choice anda wider appreciation o dierent anddiverse oods than at any other time inour history. There is increased demandor ood across the world and Asia’sgrowing middle-classes continue toseek higher value ood products andservices. Australian ood is recognisedas high-quality, sae and sustainable, allqualities in high demand. The Gillard Government has beenimplementing a plan or Australianagriculture that rst strengthens theoundation and prepares us or the utureand emerging challenges. The NationalFood Plan is the third stage, creatingnew opportunities. The National Food Plan sets out keygoals to grow our domestic industry andincrease the value o our ood exports.We will invest in our research anddevelopment capability so that weremain world leaders in innovation andproductivity. We will work to improveaccess to export markets. We will buildproductive and collaborative relationshipswith our trading partners, work with ourindustry to tackle barriers to trade andpromote Australia’s brand or ood. We willalso work to reduce the regulatory burdenor ood businesses so they can remaininternationally competitive.Our ood system isn’t just about high-yieldagriculture and exports, it is also aboutlocal communities growing, preparingand sharing ood. We are committedto supporting the growing numbers o armers’ markets, ood sharing networksand community gardens around thecountry. We will also work to embedood and agriculture within the nationalcurriculum so that our kids know whereood comes rom and value the hardworking Australians who produce it. The National Food Plan has beendeveloped by the community, industry andgovernment working together. The GillardGovernment has developed it to be ownedand driven by the whole nation.Senator the Hon. Joe LudwigMinister or Agriculture, Fisheriesand ForestrySenator or Queensland

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