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The Christian's Victory.

The Christian's Victory.

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But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord
Jesus Christ."—! Cor. 15 : 57.

But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord
Jesus Christ."—! Cor. 15 : 57.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Aug 05, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE CHRISTIA'S VICTORY.BY REV. JOH WATSO ADAMS, D.D.But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our LordJesus Christ."—! Cor. 15 : 57.These words stand at the close of that greatargument on the subject of the resurrection of thebody, which the Apostle Paul constructed, andtransmitted to the Corinthian Christians. He hadbrought it down to that point Avhere he was autho-rized to declare, that our corruptible bodies mustand would become incorruptible, at the resurrec-tion. This event would be the fulfilment of a say-ing that had been written by the Prophets Isaiahand Hosea, namely, "death is swallowed up invictory." When the body should be raised andrendered incorruptible and immortal, a victory overdeath, complete and final, would be obtained. Fromthat period his power over the body would cease,as it would never after be subject to infirmities orto decay. The Apostle next proceeds to inform uswhat it is that arms death with a power so terri-ble, for he acquires a momentary victory, even overthe saints, and is the terror of a guilty world. " Thesting of death is sin, and the strength of sin is theTHE christian's VICTORY. 317law." Sin arms death with that mortal sting whichit bears. It is sin that puts into his hands the en-venomed and deadly dart which he hurls. If itwere not for sin, death could have no power over
us. It could never inflict one pang upon the bodyor excite one fear in the soul. But the strength of sin, its whole power, is derived from the law. Sinis a transgression of the law. It is a violation of that law whose penalty is death. Here, then, isthe source of that terrible power which death exer-cises over us. Sin subjects us to the penalty of God's holy and immutable law. It gives us up toits vengeance, delivers us over to its curse; andbut for one consideration, the death which it inflictswould reign in eternal triumph and terror over us.This consideration is suggested in the context," Thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory."The victory here spoken of, is a victory to be ac-quired over death as the proper penalty of sin ; andthe conquest is to be achieved, not through ourown power, but by our Lord Jesus Christ. Andwho can refuse to give thanks to God at the pros-pect of obtaining the victory over such an enemyas this ? Who can withhold praise from Him who,in our stead, has become the conqueror of death ?To appreciate the victory over death whichChrist obtains for us, it is necessary to understandwho and what this enemy is. I must remark,then, what perhaps is obvious to you all, that theApostle does not here allude to the simple dissolu-27*318 THE christian's victory.tion of the body, the demolition of that house whichthe Spirit here inhabits. The victory is obtainedfor no one in this sense, not even through Christ.All die, saints as well as sinners, the friends aswell as the enemies of God. The body is, by adecree of heaven, inevitably doomed to death, and
there is no discharge for any one, whatever hisrelations to God or claims to mercy may be. It isapjDointed to all men once to die. You will see,therefore, that natural death, the death which con-signs our bodies to the grave, cannot be either theproper penalty of God's law, or the enemy overwhich Christ gives us the victory. For if it werethe penalty of the law, then those who are Christ'swould be exempted from it, as they cannot comeinto condemnation, but are passed from death untolife ; and if it were the enemy over which Christgives us the victory, then the saints would neverdie.But, though the death of which we are speakingbe not the proper penalty of the divine law, it isnevertheless a consequence of sin. " Sin has en-tered into the world, and death by sin, and so deathhas passed upon all men."It is in this death that that one begins, the victoryover which our Apostle in the context so joyfullycelebrates. But for the sacrifice and mediation of our Lord Jesus Christ, our expiring breath wouldbe only the commencement of the pains and fearsand agonies of dying. There would follow thatTHE christian's VICTORY. 319event, a prolonged and eternal death. The bodywould indeed be raised, but it would be raised toshame and everlasting contempt. It would beraised, not to enjoy life, but to suffer death. Thisis the enemy whom Christ has subjugated and van-quished; an enemy who, with scorpion sthigs,would have pursued our weary and quivering spiritsfor ever, had not Christ disarmed and overcomehim. There would have been no refuge, no escape

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