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RFQ Specifications for Zebra Mussel

RFQ Specifications for Zebra Mussel

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Published by Robert Wilonsky
The city of Dallas wants to hunt down zebra mussels before they take over Dallas' water supply
The city of Dallas wants to hunt down zebra mussels before they take over Dallas' water supply

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Published by: Robert Wilonsky on Aug 05, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 The City of Dallas Water Utilities Department is requesting interested firms tosubmit seven (7) sets of Statements of Qualifications containing responses to theattached questionnaire by2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, August 15, 2013.
No response is necessary from firms not interested in performing this project.
Please deliver your SOQ to the attention of:Sheila SmallwoodCity of Dallas Purchasing DepartmentRef: Control, Operation & Maintenance Manual for Zebra Mussels BMZ13341500 Marilla Street, 3FNDallas, Texas 75201Please read the attached information carefully and complete the required formsaccordingly. Statements of qualifications, which do not comply with all therequirements, will be deemed non-responsive and the firm will not be considered forthe project. The following documents are attached:Preliminary Scope of WorkConsultant Selection GuidelinesRequirements for the Statement of Qualifications (SOQ)Engineering Consultant Screening QuestionnaireInstructions for the City of Dallas Experience FormInstructions for the Project Experience FormOffice Staffing FormBusiness Inclusion and Development ProcedureIt is not necessary to respond if your firm is not interested in the project. Foradditional information, please contact only the Project Manager, Chang Lee at 214-670-5239
Contract No. 14-009EPage 1 of 302013Preliminary Scope of Work
The purpose for this Statements of Qualification (SOQ) request is for consulting services for thedevelopment of a Control, Operation and Maintenance Manual for Zebra Mussels. Thesuccessful consultant for this SOQ shall develop a control and maintenance manual that becomesthe basis for the City’s efforts to manage the invading species known as Zebra Mussels,
 Dreissena polymorpha
. The successful Consultant will develop a Control, Operation, andMaintenance Manual that includes each intake structure within the City of Dallaswater treatment system. Due to the difference of geometry, geology, and other important site-specificfactors, the successful Consultant will prepare independent guidelines for each intake structurewithin the system. Services required for this SOQ include but are not limited to the following:Site survey and studies of each raw water intake structure within Dallas Water Utilities (DWU)system, analysis of site survey information with existing site information to be provided byDWU, investigation of various control and prevention methods, identification of single or combined, site-specific methods for each structure, determination of infestation risk factorsassociated with any implementations, potential Zebra Mussel disposal methods, cost estimationof identified prevention and control methods, and recommendations regarding the most effectiveoperations and maintenance guidelines for the solutions identified.
The most highly visible impact of the zebra mussel has been its fouling of large-scale raw water intakes, such as those at industrial, electric generation facilities and municipal drinking water treatment plants. These facilities are vulnerable because the mussels attach to most submergedhard surfaces (substrates) by means of tough elastic fibers (called
byssal threads)
tipped with anatural adhesive akin to that produced by barnacles. Once attached, zebra mussels reproduce in prolific numbers and colonize extensive portions of large-scale water handling facilities, whichcan greatly reduce pumping efficiency or completely clog smaller pipes.Zebra mussels were found in Lake Ray Hubbard in May 2011 and in Ray Roberts Lake in July2012. Based on the reproduction rate, it is likely that Lake Lewisville and the Elm Fork of Trinity River, will be infested in a relatively short time, placing a number of raw water intakestructures in jeopardy. Although zebra mussels have not been found in Lake Grapevine, LakeTawakoni, Lake Fork and Lake Palestine, they are likely targets for zebra mussel infestation.DWU’s goal is to minimize the impact of spread and growth of Zebra Mussel, to find costeffective and environmentally sensitive methods to control the growth and spread of theseinvasive species.
The objective of this Control, Operation and Maintenance Manual for Zebra Mussels is to guidethe management and staff of DWU in implementing zebra mussel control measures at all potential risk facilities. The successful Consultant shall;
Contract No. 13-054EPage 2 of 30February 2013Preliminary Scope of Work
1.Conduct site surveys and studies of each raw water intake structure within the DWUsystem. Many intake structures are connected to wet wells, pump stations, raw water delivery lines, and other facilities and equipment necessary to transport and monitor rawwater to water treatment plants. These structures shall be surveyed looking for anylocations where zebra mussel may find to reproduce thereby causing potential damage tothe system;2.Analyze each site based on the information obtained during the site surveys and comparesurvey information with existing site information, DWU’s improvements currentlyunderway, and any proposed design improvements for each raw water intake structureand water treatment plant to be provided by DWU;3.Determine infestation risk factors and other concerns for each site;4.Investigate various methods and make recommendations on how to prevent and/or control Zebra Mussel infestation for each site;5.Identify single or combined, site-specific prevention and control methods for eachstructure;6.Provide recommendations regarding the most cost effective and appropriate operationsand maintenance guidelines for the solutions identified. This will include cost estimatesfor various likely capital improvements of operation and maintenance scenarios at eachintake structure and connected facilities. The scope of work presented above describes the services to be provided for this project by task.The successful consultant’s proposal shall identify the steps necessary to develop the DWUZebra Mussels Control, Operation and Maintenance Manual, include addressing the followingtasks, and recommend any additional tasks deemed necessary to accomplish the work.
A.Project Management & Administration - Provide accounting/invoicepreparation and review, subconsultant management, project work plan,progress tracking, filing, mailing, copying, monthly updates to DWU,participate in routine internal progress meetings, and maintain an issues log.
Deliverables: Monthly Invoice, Monthly Project Manager Status Report,Project Work Plan with updates, Decision Log.
B.Meetings- Participate in regularly scheduled monthly meetings with DWU forthe anticipated duration of the project. Prepare and provide to DWU ameeting agenda and materials required for the meeting a minimum of one(1) week prior to the meeting. Prepare meeting minutes for each meetingand provide to DWU within five (5) working days of the meeting date.Establish sections within the minutes that clearly identify project teamdecisions and action items with responsible party.
Deliverables: Meeting Agenda, Meeting Materials, Meeting Minutes with Action Items.
C.Develop a work plan, project task schedule, and provide monthlyprogress/status reports of sufficient detail to support monthly billings. Themonthly status report shall be consistent with the billing period.D.Subcontract’s for any work shall have the following clauses in their contract:“Subconsultants shall submit a CD containing all findings, drawing files etc forwith each site review submittal.” and, “subconsultant firms shall be availableto meet with the City and primary consultant within a six hour notice.
Contract No. 13-054EPage 3 of 30February 2013Preliminary Scope of Work

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