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Published by musicmaster888

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: musicmaster888 on Aug 05, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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BMC2013Educational Technology
I. Read the statements below and shade the letter of your choice in the answer sheet.Agno, L. (2008)1.Graphic organizers or learning organizers are used in all of the following ways,except-A. to encourage the rote memorization of conceptsB. as tools in assimilating and reflecting upon new knowledge to generate interestC. to activate background knowledge or generate interestD. as assessment tools2.Graphic organizers do all of the following, except-A. allow the brain to store information in orderly categoriesB. help retrieve and retain informationC. activate/ retrieve power knowledgeD. allow students to forget information they do not need3.What are graphic organizers?A. These are forms of visual representation that can be usefulB. These help highlight the critical attributes of a concept and make the concept moreaccurate for students.C. These provide effective means of retrieving information.D. all of the above4.The graphic organizer that organizes information gathered from various sources for the purpose of comparing the characteristics of two or more variables is the-A. Venn diagram B. semantic webC. tree diagram D. discussion web5.The significance of graphic organizers is emphasized by all of the following, except thatthey-A. strengthen cognitive structures B. enhance their retention of informationC. are fundamental to concept formulation D. appeal to low-order thinking skills6.What are graphic organizers?A. visuals pictures of knowledgeB. effective tools in teachingC. aids in establishing a relationship between and among conceptsD. all of the above7.The graphic organizer that helps visualize a series of connected events that occur insequence and that produce a repeated result is the-A. circle web B. Venn diagramC. cycle webD. discussion web8. The graphic organizer that helps students categorize information into conceptual blocks is theA. semantic web B. data retrieval chartC. concept map D. Venn Diagram9.The following are visual pictures of knowledge that are effective tools in teaching,except-A. concept map B. Venn DiagramC. lecture D. discussion web10.The key representation that helps students organize complex ideas is a-A. web B. task C. project D. design1
BMC2013Educational Technology
11.The pre-instructional cues that encourage a mental act and are used to enhance retention of materials to be studied are-A. learning competencies B. headlinesC. graphic organizers D. visual aidsTHE INTERNET AND EDUCATION12.How is everything coordinated through the internet?a. through standardized protocol b. through a server c. through a special software d. through VISTA13.In the Library of Congress we can virtually visit famous places, write to the HollywoodArtists, excepta.virtually visit famous museum b. send questions to head of statesc.corresponding via-e-maild. none of the above14.Which of the following that never described the interneta. simply called net b. a network c. has no central headquarters d. organized collections of networks15.How to gain access to the internet?a. through standardized protocol b. through a server c. through a special softwared. through VISTA16.The internet is developed and still subsidized bya. New Zealand government b. Singaporean governmentc. Australian government d. U S government17.The great attraction of the Internet isa. it has 25,000 network accessed by computers on the planet b. once the sign-up fees are paid, there are no extra chargesc. electronic mail is freed. the vast sea of information researched can now be documented18.The most attractive way to move around the internet is calleda. browsing; using program called a browser  b. surfing the net to explorec. downloading files for your researchd. sending e-mails through yahoo, msn and the like19.It is the largest library in the world by shelf space and holds the largest of booksa. none because it had been destroyed during the War of 1812 b. Library of Presidentsc. Library of Senatorsd. Library of Congress20.Tour is quiet expensive, but today we can connect the world outside homes, schools,classrooms and internet café. We can plug into this library make virtual visits to famousmuseum in the world and write to celebrities.a. Online U S Library b. Library of Presidentsc. Library of Senators d. Library of CongressRead the statements below and identify what model or learning is being relatedA. Meaningful learningB. Discovery Learning C. Generative21.Simulation2
BMC2013Educational Technology
22.Write reaction papers23.Teacher explaining the concept first24.Recognition students multiple intelligences.25.Students performing task.26.Recognition of prior knowledge27.Students generalize the lessonRead the statements below and identify what level of integration is being used.A. MiddleB. Simple level C. Central instructional tool.28.Computer projection29.Socialization in facebook.30.Sending pictures in gmail31.Downloading of information’s between schools.32.E-mail the student body president your comments.33.Computer projection on how to make power point presentation34.UMTC and Charles Darwin University exchanged information.35.E-mail good expectations36.Correspondence studies on net.37.Power point presentationUNDERSTANDING HYPERMEDIA38.The most comprehensive resource for teachers and students of Economics isa. WebQuest b. WinEconc. Twitter.com d. Economics.html39.In the use of hypermedia the following instructional events will prove useful to the teacher except one:a.enhance retention and learning transfer  b.provide learning feedback c.introduce the software and its distinctive featuresd.replace the teacher for a while40.Hypermedia isa. knowledge webpage b. simulation instructional gamesc. multimedia d. tutorial software package41.One of the examples that used highly developed hypermedia program isa. flight stimulator used to train pilots b. tutorial software packagec. knowledge webpaged. none of the above42.GIGO or garbage-in, garbage out is the very first principle that should be remembered abouta. hypermedia b. computer c. multimedia d. internet43.Learner control is one of the characteristics of hypermedia applications. This means thatlearner:a.makes his own decision on the path of instructions b.makes his own decision on the flow or events of instructionsc.has control on such aspects a sequence, pace, content, media, feedback, etc.d.all of the above3

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