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Learning to Pray

Learning to Pray

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Published by glennpease

Text. — ' ' Lord, teaoh us to pray. ' ' — Luke 11 : 1.

Text. — ' ' Lord, teaoh us to pray. ' ' — Luke 11 : 1.

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Published by: glennpease on Aug 05, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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LEARIG TO PRAYBY WILLIAM HERY BOOK Text. — ' ' Lord, teaoh us to pray. ' ' — Luke 11 : 1.THE children of our heavenly Fathermust learn to speak his language. Itwill be our purpose in this discourse tostudy this important duty. To whom shouldwe pray? We have heard men pray to theHoly Spirit. Is this right? When thedisciples came to Jesus with the requestthat he teach them how to pray, he said:" After this manner pray ye." He thengave them the model prayer. This wasto be their pattern or copy, and they wereto make their prayers to correspond withthe copy. The prayer is to be addressedto our Father — to God. We must ap-proach the Father in the name of theLord Jesus. Sometimes we are convincedthat people pray to the audience ratherthan to God. It can be detected in thetone of their voices, and we are disgustedrather than edified.85SERMOS FOR THE PEOPLEOne reason why some will not prayin public is because they are afraid thoseto whom they pray will criticize. On oneoccasion a man who believed in "freegrace" had in his audience a man who
was a strong believer in " Calvinism. ' *He did not want to say anything thatwould offend him, and he tried to makea prayer that was a cross between thetwo doctrines, and he stammered and hesi-tated and then exclaimed: "What is thematter with me! I can not pray." Theman in the audience said, in reply: "Stoppraying to me and pray to God." I wasone time conducting a meeting for a manwho was eloquent in prayer, and he im-pressed you with the thought that heknew it. He prayed three times in oneof the meetings. His language was per-fect, and he threw bouquets to God andthen seemed to wait for applause. Youcould feel that there was a lack of sin-cerity, and that his prayers were directedat the audience, and I was reminded of the reporter in Boston who said, in speak-ing of a man's prayer: "He prayed themost eloquent prayer that was ever pray-86LEARIG TO PRAYed to a Boston audience." I told himafter the services that I felt he was cer-tainly gifted in prayer, but suggestedthat he tell God all of these things inprivate and not in public, for I thoughtGod would understand him better than wedid.Bow Should We Pray? — Paul says:"I will pray with the spirit, and I will
pray with the understanding also. ' ' Whatdoes he mean by praying with the under-standing? We are told that "Elijah wasa man of like passions with us, and heprayed fervently that it might not rain;and it rained not on the earth for threeyears and six months. And he prayedagain; and the heaven gave rain, and theearth brought forth her fruit.' ' Let usread Dent. 28:15-24. Here we find thatGod had promised that, if the children of Israel turned from him and went afterother gods and became disobedient, hewould shut up the heavens and withholdthe rain. Israel had become guilty anddeserved to be punished. Do you notthink that Elijah knew these promises andthat he presented them to his God in his87SERMOS FOR THE PEOPLEprayers! This is praying according tothe Word and according to the under-standing also. Then, when the peopleturned and he prayed for the rain, we be-lieve that he remembered the promisescontained in the "Word as mentioned in 1Kings' 8:35: "When the heaven is shutTip, and there is no rain, because theyhave sinned against thee; if they praytoward this place, and confess thy name,and turn from their sin, when thou dostafflict them: then hear thou in heaven,and forgive the sin of thy servants, andof thy people Israel, when thou teachestthem the good way wherein they should

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