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The Bible God's Word

The Bible God's Word

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Text. — "But men spake from God, being moved by
the Holy Spirit."— 2 Pet. 1: 21.

Text. — "But men spake from God, being moved by
the Holy Spirit."— 2 Pet. 1: 21.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Aug 05, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE BIBLE GOD'S WORDBY WILLIAM HERY BOOK Text. — "But men spake from God, being moved bythe Holy Spirit."— 2 Pet. 1: 21."T AM, therefore God is, for no man* ever made himself. I speak, there-fore God spake, for no man has everspoken who was not first "spoken to."God has given to man two books — the book of nature and the book of reve-lation. The book of nature reveals aGod of wisdom and of power; the book of revelation reveals a God of love, andthis is the highest and best revelation.It reveals God as our Father.The Book is here; if God did notwrite it, who did? Man could not havedone it, and he would not if he could. Itis a book that reveals man's defects andpronounces condemnation upon his head.All of the combined wisdom of all thecombined ages could never have writtenthis Book. We are certain that the devil29SERMOS FOR THE PEOPLEdid not write it, for it is opposed to hiskingdom, and to follow its teachings willmean the destruction of the devil and hiskingdom. It is antagonistic to all that
is devilish.Let me give you only a few reasonsfor believing it came from God and thatit is the product of inspiration. Men of God spake from God, being moved bythe Holy Spirit, says the apostle. It cannot be destroyed, and therefore we arguethat its indestructibility is a proof of itsinspiration. When Moses saw the burn-ing bush, the flames loomed and the fireburned, but the bush could not be con-sumed. God was in it. God is in this oldBook and it can not be destroyed. It hascome to us through a river of blood.Every page is stained with the blood of the martyrs. Some one says: "It hasbeen upset more times than any otherbook, and yet it is a solid cube right sideup every time." It is like the Irishman'sfence which was five feet thick and threefeet high, and some one said: "Pat, areyou not afraid to keep fooling with thatfence — afraid you will upset it?" Pat30THE BIBLE GOD'S WORDreplied: " Faith, if I do, it will be twofeet higher after I've completed the job!"It is this way with the Bible. Every timea destructive critic or an infidel makes anattack on it, it comes before the peoplewith renewed power and strength. Thosewho opposed it and tried to destroy itin the past ages have been almost for-gotten, and were it not for the fact that
they linked themselves to its history,would not be thought of to-day. Voltairepredicted that within one hundred yearsthere would be no Bibles, but when thehundred years had rolled around, theChristian people were printing Bibles onthe very printing-press which had beenused by the French infidel. Thomas Painedid his best to kill it in his day and gen-eration, but to-day there are millions of men reading the Book, and never in theworld's history have we had so manycopies of the Bible, and in so many lan-guages, as we have to-day. o book at-tracts attention as does this one. Canyou picture the scene in ew York whenthe new version came from the press : ex-press-wagons loaded with Bibles and the3 31SERMOS FOR THE PEOPLEBible houses unable to supply the de-mand! Think of it: 118,000 words sent bytelegraph to Chicago in order that thepeople in that locality might be able toread the message at the same time theywere reading it in ew York !Its Style. — The style of the Book isanother reason for believing in its inspira-tion. When you translate a piece of liter-ature into a foreign tongue it loses itspersonality and its individuality."Shakespeare^ magic could not copied be;WitJhin that circle none durst walk but he."

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