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Just Drudgery.

Just Drudgery.

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'* Fill the water-pots with water."— John 2 : 7.

'* Fill the water-pots with water."— John 2 : 7.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Aug 05, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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JUST DRUDGERY.By REV. GEO. THOS. DOWLIG, D. D.'* Fill the water-pots with water."— John 2 : 7.YES, that is the same old story. Andit seems even worse for us than it wasfor them ; for to us the word comes dayafter day, and day after day : " Fill thewater-pots with water." Who has not felt attimes like resisting the mandate ? Who hasnot grown weary of the daily grind ? But thenext morning the same command comes again," Fill the water-pots with water " ; and thework has to be taken up just where we left itthe night before, and the routine of to-dayhas to go forw^ard exactly as it did yesterday." Just drudgery ! "Well, I want to show you that that is oneof the last things w^iich we should wish tohave eliminated from our experiences ; thatsame drudgery. These serv^ants might havesaid what we are often inclined to say, ^' Whatis the use ? We are only wasting our strengthin doing this needless thing. We have a14JUST DRUDGERY. 15plenty of water at the feast already. What wewant is not water, but wine." But the Mas-ter knew what He was about when He gave tothem their work; just as He knew what Hewas about when He gave you yours, though it
may be humdrum and apparently devoid of in-spiration as theirs. But notice this: Theysimply obeyed Him. That was all. " What-soever He said unto them," they did it. Andall this time they were making wine, thoughthey did not know it. And if yours is thesame spirit of obedience to the Master, so areyou.Yes, this drudgery ; this working by thetick of the clock ; sometimes even when wedo not feel like it, is one of the last thingsthat we could afford to have left out of ourlives. Believe me ! The man most blessed inthis world is not the foot-loose man ; it is hewho either voluntarily or from necessity, hasplaced himself in the midst of compulsory en-gagements. Because it is these whichmake character ; and that is the greatestthing in the world.Mr. Carnegie was right when he said that" the young man who starts out in life with a16 SATURDAY IGHT SERMOS.basket full of bonds starts out heavilyfreighted ; he is very likely to stagger beforehe gets through." And the reason of it isthis : That before his habits are formed, andwhile he is yet in the gristle he is deliveredfrom the need of drudgery. For it is justthat work which we very often do not like todo, but must, which is the most important inthe development of character. And thus itcomes that the self-made man is not he whohas come up from the shovel. He has hadevery incentive to come up. He can thank 
God most devoutly for his circumstances. Butthe man w^ho deserves the highest plaudits ishe who was born with every incentive to idle-ness, but voluntarily placed himself in circum-stances of responsibility. That is the reasonwhy we all honor Theodore lioosevelt ; notbecause he is a president ; circumstanceshelped to make him that ; but because he is aman, a self-made man, one who rose to hispresent stature, even though at his birth hislimbs were bound with golden chains. Eare,indeed, is it, when one is born with a silverspoon in his mouth that the silver spoondoes not choke him.JUST DRUDGERY. 17There are certain attributes which lie at thefoundation of all true manhood, and when wecome to examine them we shall find in almostevery instance that they are the outgrowth of that kind of work which is represented by fill-ing the water-pots with water, by drudgery.Think of a few of them ; concentration of attention, for example. The child learning catand d og is learning more than merely to spellcat and dog. He is learning to do what hasto be done, even when he does not fully realizewhy, because the water-pots have to be filled.That cat and dog are spelling another and agreater word than either. They are spellingcharacter. So with industry, another basicquality. William Carey, one of the firstforeign missionaries to India, was not a bril-liant man, but he learned how to fill the water-pots with water. He said : " I can plod."And though he never guessed the extent of 

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