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Be Thankful for What You Have

Be Thankful for What You Have

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*'Now Sheshan had no sons, but daughters."—! Chron-
icles 2: 34.


*'Now Sheshan had no sons, but daughters."—! Chron-
icles 2: 34.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Aug 05, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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BE THAKFUL FOR WHAT YOU HAVEBy REV. GEO. THOS. DOWLIG, D. D.*'ow Sheshan had no sons, but daughters."—! Chron-icles 2: 34.WELL, then, let him rejoice over hisdaughters. It was true they did notamount to much, according to theOriental estimate, for in no country in theworld is woman anything but a plaything or aslave, except where Jesus Christ, in the nameof His religion, has taken her by the hand andled her to her rightful throne. If the ancientJew had had twelve offspring and ten of themhad been girls, and you had asked him howmany children he had he would very likelyhave answered " two " ; and if you had re-minded him of the others he would havesimply shrugged his shoulders and looked atyou from under his lifted eyebrows as thoughto say : " Where did you come from ? " Tothis day if you wish to flatter an Easternmother do not tell her that the little one re-sembles her, but " him." " Only daughtersAnd they do not count."3132 SATURDAY IGHT SERMOS.Yes, but he had his daughters, and we inthese better days have learned how much thejmight have counted, if he had only knownhow to count them. And that is the lessonfor you to think over this Saturday night.Whether or not you have enjoyed what you
have had this week has depended chiefly, notupon what you have had, but upon you. Andif you have not had this you have had that,and the insignificant " that " might have beenthe greatest of all blessings to you if you hadonly been prepared to make it so. Truly it isa grand art, meaning happiness and peace, tolearn to count our treasures worthily.Look at it for a moment. You are poor inrespect to things, perhaps. But you are richin respect to qualities. You have not theequipage of your neighbor down the street,and you walk while he rides. But would youbarter for what he has, your love of poetry,your enthusiasm over the first bird of springor the first violet, peeping up to meet you, andwhich, to you, is the coming back of an oldfriend, but which he never sees?You are poor in reference to the exceptional.But you are rich in reference to the common-GAG OWER ye' MERCIES. 33place. You have not brilliancy, but you bavegood sense, and that is often better than beingbrilliant. You say to yourself with a secretand deprecating comment that you cannottalk. Well the man whom you envy, perhaps,cannot keep still ; seldom has even " flashes of silence," and therefore is always in trouble.You have not this, but w^hat a valuable assetyou have in the despised " that ! ''You are poor in respect to finalities. Butyou are rich in respect to beginnings. Thethings which you have been making yourself 
sorrowful about because you did not own themare the things which are not going to last verylong. When Lord Beaconsfield died theLondon Lancet wrote :A little fame, a little sway,A sunbeam on a winter's day,Is all the great and mighty have,Between the cradle and the grave ! "That is true of the things that many menvalue most. " The fashion of this world pass-eth away." But if you are learning to loveand to trust, and to be gentle and kind, if youare trying to live as Jesus Christ lived whenHe was here your possessions are not transi-34 SATURDAY IGHT SERMOS.tory. You are to grow richer and richer thelonger you live. And when you die yours isthe only wealth which you can ever carry withyou.To quote the old Scotch woman, " Gangower ye' mercies!" Dwell upon what youhave instead of what you have not. Scan yoursky every day during the coming week for thebit of blue in it. It is sure to be there if youwill only look for it. Bend the ear to catchthe stray song which even now is coming overthe mountains to meet you if you will butlisten. Learn to think of how wonderfullyrich you are and that very thinking will make

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