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Published by United Spirits
Screenwriting for God "ABRAHAM Tribute"
Screenwriting for God "ABRAHAM Tribute"

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Published by: United Spirits on Aug 05, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Final Verse
Short Script Written byUnited Spirits
US - HEAVENUS-21 To The RightUnited Spirits
 A Foreign Land
FADE IN:EXT. LEE'S FRONT YARD - DAYLEE WILKINSON, a 44 years old, Caucasian female, 5'8, 145 pounds, blue eyes with light- blonde hair wears garden gloves, a red shirt, blue, carpenter overalls, and a pair of low-top, whitesneakers. She wipes her sweat from her forehead with her left arm. She maneuvers rose bushes.She pushes her messy hair back towards her crown bun. She pats dirt around a stem swiftly. Sheremoves one of her gloves. BUBBA, a 47 years old African American male, 6'2, 160 pounds, brown eyes, with low, salt and pepper hair wears a blue, red, and white plaid shirt with medium, blue jeans and brown boots. He swings on the front porch. HE HUMS. Lee continues gardening.LEE
Bubba, it's sure getting hot out here.BUBBAYou mean AWESOME LORD -- could be hotter --
huh, huh… You know what I
mean?Lee smiles.BUBBA
 Lee, you been out chere early -- you ready to go get som'n to eat?Lee stands up, pulls her gloves off, squinches her eyes and SIGHS --LEEYou're right. Go
grab the keys and pull the car ‘
‘Bout which one, Lee?
 LEEHa! You know which one I meant, Bubba -- avoiding Mercury!Bubba tilts his head back in LAUGHTER.BUBBA
THE ALMIGHTY knows I peu’fer Pluto, Lee… GOOD LORDY, LORDY!
Bubba, US had to be transformed for the Right side.BUBBAYa gots to be decenter for the Right side. And you know we souls to the left of 
you all’s US on the Right know that, but Heaven knows them Fool
-US underneathneed to fight and keep moving on down to Mercury! Keep going!THEY both CHUCKLE. Bubba leaves. He pulls up in the front yard with a white, VolkswagenPassat. Lee gets into the back seat.INT. VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT - DAYBUBBA DRIVES ON INTERSTATE - 192 LEAVING SAINT CLOUD, FLORIDA. HE EXITSOFF.BUBBA(looks in rear view mirror)Lee, you still sca'ed to ride in the front seat, woman?Lee shifts her body from the door. She looks at the back of Bubba's head. She shakes her head.LEEBubba...She looks out the window. She stares and squinches her eyes.LEE (CONT'D)I don't know... That accident -- I haven't managed to get over it. Seven weeks in
the hospital… humph.
 Bubba looks in the rear view mirror at Lee. Lee continues to stare out of the window.BUBBA(clears throat)Welp. You'll manage how ta somehow.They both become silent.EXT. MAGGIE'S BURGER BARN - DAY

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