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Doggett and Martinez - Update on Immigration

Doggett and Martinez - Update on Immigration

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Published by vomeditor

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Published by: vomeditor on Aug 06, 2013
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Jaime Martineziueorg@aol.comUpdate on immigration
Kelsey Crow | Press SecretaryCongressman Lloyd Doggett (TX-35)202.225.4865 (o) | 832.326.0990 (c)
 Instead of permitting our Congressmembers to debate andimprove the bill approved by the Senate, the House Speaker refused to permit any consideration of immigration and recessedthe House until after Labor Day. Republicans hope to defeatmeaningful immigration reform by cutting it into pieces. Theywant to eventually approve parts instead of reform to provide apathway to citizenship and end the divison of families.Congressman Lloyd Doggett whose San Antonio office is locateddowntown near Santa Rosa Hospital strongly opposes thisRepublican approach. Congressman Doggett stands in solidaritywith Jaime Martinez and the Cesar Chavez Foundation for acomplete overhaul of our broken immigration system.
Q: What are those piecemeal bills that the House JudiciaryCommittee passed?
 A: First is the so-called
(HR 2278), which is nothingmore than a Republican prescription to criminalize theundocumented and nationalize the racial profiling we saw in Arizona. The Police Chief of San Antonio has said that the kindsof laws that deputize local police to do immigration enforcement
simply divert resources from actual public safety concerns createunnecessary distrust between local communities and police.
Second is the
Agricultural guest-worker bill
(HR 1773), which isopposed by both agricultural growers and agricultural workers. Itsays that every undocumented farm worker would have to leavethe US before 500,000 might be invited back temporarily.Third is the
E-Verify bill
(HR 1772). It is the same partisanRepublican approach that failed to become law for more than adecade. Electronic employment verification only makes sense inthe context of comprehensive reform as a way to ensure thatemployers are playing by the rules and hiring only authorizedworkers. But forcing employers to use E-Verify without alegalization process will hurt the economy. It has the potential toencourage discrimination against Latinos, and it would driveundocumented immigrants further underground and encourageemployers to hire off the books.Finally, the
STEM visas bill, or Skills Act
(HR 2131), is another recycled partisan bill that does not move us forward. It wouldeliminate visas for legal immigrants and their families who havebeen waiting in line. It would essentially slam the door in their faceand then use some of those visas for the high tech STEMapplicants. Attracting highly educated individuals, especially thosein the STEM field, is important to growing our economy, but itshould not be done at the expense of other hard-workingindividuals.
Kelsey Crow | Press Secretary Congressman Lloyd Doggett (TX-35) 202.225.4865 (o) | 832.326.0990 (c)

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