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Angus - Intro

Angus - Intro

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Published by Peter Hinga
The men meet
The men meet

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Published by: Peter Hinga on Aug 06, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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INT. VOLVO XC90 - NIGHTSitting inside the leased Volvo XC90 (one of the safest carsyou can buy) is BRAD, late twenties/early thirties. A manwith a wire frame and glint in his eye. He is talking on thephone through a hands free device.BRADI don’t think so, I have an earlymeeting on Friday.TRACY(os)...but it’s Radiohead!...we werelistening to "High & Dry" when yourparents caught us your room afterour first bowl...BRAD...I remember having a hell of atime with your bra...TRACY...come on, we never do fun stuffany more!Beat.BRAD (CONT’D)Maybe, if it weren’t a worknight...plus, I really haven’tliked our past few babysitters...In mid sentence there is a light knocking on the window.BRAD (CONT’D)...JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!!!!...TRACY(OS)....BRADLEY?!!!...Standing at the window is STEPHEN, both his skin and hairhave been soaked in the sun. He is Brad’s age, in a casualsuit, and HIGH AS HELL. He is looking at his reflection inthe car’s window.BRAD...it’s OK, just Stephen, sorry...Look, I shouldn’t be long, justwant to see how Mr McAllister’sholding up, and have a beer towelcome Angus back...maybe 9?(CONTINUED)
CONTINUED: 2.TRACY(os)...please, stay out and have fun,you haven’t seen him in years...BRAD...we’ll see. Love ya.TRACYLove you too.Brad, trying to opening the door and exit, is blocked byStephen who is now having a silent conversation with himselfin the door’s window.BRADSteve?STEPHENAh shit, sorry man. Question, BurtReynolds had a cameo in Smokey IIIright?BRADWhat?STEPHENYeah. No. He did. I was right...howare things?Brad has now exited the car and they give each other a longover due Bro Hug. The two are walking toward a brickone-story house, humble, yet very solid.BRADGood man, you seen Angus yet?STEPHENNa, been busy all week. Bob reallyhave Alzheimer’s?BRADGuess so.STEPHENshi....The two become distracted by a Toyota Four Runner shakingvigorously in front of the brick home. In the driver’s seat,there is a man BEATING THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF HIS STEERINGWHEEL. The man exits the car pissed.(CONTINUED)

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