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The Wealthy Family.

The Wealthy Family.

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Published by glennpease

" There is no want to them that fear Him.'^ —
Ps. xxxiv. 9.

" There is no want to them that fear Him.'^ —
Ps. xxxiv. 9.

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Published by: glennpease on Aug 06, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE WEALTHY FAMILY.BY JAMES SMITH" There is no want to them that fear Him.'^ — Ps. xxxiv. 9.Those are not the wealthy who appear to beso, or who boast of being so ; the sinner must bepoor. He has no God to comfort him ; no Sa-viour to deliver him ; no Guide to conduct him ;no Advocate to plead for him ; no inward peaceto support him ; no title to heaven to animatehim. He is poor. He is in want. He will wantconfidence and comfort in death ; a wedding gar-ment, in which to appear before God ; and acomfortable home throughout eternity. Everysinner is poor : his resources will soon be exhausted,and he will find himself '•' wretched, and misera-ble, and poor, and blind, and naked." Theymay have the shov/ of property, but not the reali-ty ; this belongs to another family.The Lord's people all fear him ; that is, tb«yfear to offend Him, and desire above all things toplease Him : and though they appear poor, theyare really rich. God hath provided all goodthings for them, and He giveth all good things tothem. They have a solid peace, flowing from aknowledge of acceptance with God, through theblood of Jesus. They have a joyful hope, whichTHE WEALTHY FAMILY. 87blooms with immortality. They are assured ot'strength equal to their day ; and of sanctifying
grace to make all their troubles work their good.They are content with God's wise and holy ap-pointments ; and godliness with contentment isa good fortune. They acquiesce in the will of God ; and are often filled with joy which flowsfrom his presence. They obtain victory over thetemptations presented to ensnare them ; and liveabove the world, which would allure and beguLethem. They are sure of support in death ; theylook forward to a joyful resurrection ; and antici-pate heaven as their portion for ever.There is no wE^nt to them, for all they canneed is promised : and every promise is confirmedby the blood of Jesus. Jehovah is theirs with allHe is or has ; His power is their support — Hbwisdom their guide — His fulness their fortune — His mercy their friend — and His love their heaven." Happy are the people which are in such a case."But all the Lord's people are in this case, andtherefore they are happy. Just think of havingGod for your present, constant, eternal friend : v'having the wealth of Deity to supply and satisfyyou. But if you fear God, this is the case. otruth is more clearly revealed ; no fact- is morepowerfully confirmed ; no subject is more richwith consolation. Strength may be exhausted,health may decline, courage may fail, riches mayflee, friends may forsake, enemies may increase,88 THE WEALTHY FAMILY.all circumstances may change ; " but they thatseek the Lord shall not want any good thing."Sweet promise of a faithful God ! Here, pilgrim,is thy staff; take it and travel home. Here,saint, is thy cordial ; drink and forget thy miseryHere, believer, is thy fortune ; take it and live
upon it, while a resident below. Here, fearful60ul, is thy antidote ; use it to dispel thy fearsand cheer thy fainting heart. God hath said," The young lions may lack and suffer hunger :but there is no want to them that fear Him."Here is wealth ! Here is comfort ! Here is allwe can need for life or death, time or eternity 1o more, my soul, let unbelief Thy joy and peace devour ;Jehovah-jireh sends relief For every trying hour.Dangers stand thick through all my way,And foes on every side ;Yet all is well — I'll watch and pray,Jehovah will provide.My strength may fail, my wants increase.While sorrow swells its tide ;But God, my God, will never ceaseTo love me, and provide.All grace in Christ for Abraham's seedAnd endless bliss beside ;Jehovah-jireh has decreedFor ever to provide.1. 68 FREE BOOKShttp://www.scribd.com/doc/21800308/Free-Christian-Books

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