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The Good Fortune.

The Good Fortune.

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" Godliness with contentment is great gain '
—1 Tim. vi. 6.

" Godliness with contentment is great gain '
—1 Tim. vi. 6.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Aug 06, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE GOOD FORTUE.BY JAMES SMITH" Godliness with contentment is great gain ' —1 Tim. vi. 6.Godliness is conformity to the moral image of God, and the entire consecration of the soul tothe Lord's service. The godly, are created anewin Ohrist Jesus ; they are united to God throughJesus ; and have all the graces or fruits of theSpirit within them. They view things verymuch as God does ; hence they look upon sin asthe greatest of all evils ; upon the world, as avast vanity ; upon saints, as the excellent of theearth ; and upon the Lord Jesus, as altogetherlovely. They hate sin, renounce the world, unitevdth the saints, and adore the Saviour as theirGod and Lord. They approve of God's precepts,and choose the employment he prescribes. Theylove God, believe in Jesus, and walk in theSpirit. They fear sin, loathe self, and walk inthe fear oi the Lord all the day long. They relywholly on the perfect work of Christ for accept-ance ; pant for holiness with ardent longing ;and desire always to acquiesce in the sovereignwill of God.True godliness produces and strengthens con-tentment ; and contentment is the calm simshine144 THE GOOD FORTUE.of a man's life. We do not mean sitting downin idleness, feeling at home in filth, or indulgingin negligence ; this were a disgrace to any crea-
ture, especially a professing Christian. But con-tentment is connected with honest industry, gene-ral cleanliness, and a concern for the honour of God : it springs from acknowledging and eyeingGod's providence, whose "tender mercies areover all His works." It is a bowing to His will ,as the infinitely wise and invariably good : be-lieving the promises He has given, expectin^theprovision He has made, and feeling satisfied toshare in the common lot with His people. Thecontented prize spiritual blessings before temporal,and live sensible of their demerit and desert. Theyknow that every thing short of hell is a favour,and that heaven will crown the toils and priva-tions of the wilderness. They do not expect tofind rest below, or a paradise in the desert ; andthey are persuaded " that all things work to-gether for good, to them that love God, and arathe called according to His purpose." Pride isslain, and humility flourishes ; for pride is theparent of discontent, ingratitude, peevishness, re-bellion against God, and many other evils ;while humility produces contentment, patience,gratitude, submission to the will of God, andmany other virtues.The godly who are contented are rich ; forthey have a good fortune. They have inwardTHE GOOD FORTUE. 145peace and satisfaction of mind, which are betterthan gold, they are filled with gratitude andthankfulness to God, which are better than alanded estate ; they have love to God and delightin Him, which are preferable to a splendid man-sion. They have a joyful anticipation of eternalglory, of being acknowledged as the sons of God

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