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Cosmic Awareness (Jesus Christ) on Fluoride, Candida, Cleansing, Pineal Gland

Cosmic Awareness (Jesus Christ) on Fluoride, Candida, Cleansing, Pineal Gland

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Published by cocoy777
This article reveals the end-time message of Christ regarding the work of the Dark Force in destroying the mind and body of mankind
This article reveals the end-time message of Christ regarding the work of the Dark Force in destroying the mind and body of mankind

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: cocoy777 on Aug 06, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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C.A.: Information on Fluoride, Candida, Cleansing,Pineal Gland June 6, 2013 
Questioner: Recently in Portland they trieunsuccessfully to pass fluoridation of the drinkingwater. I'm wondering, is there any way to detoxify the fluoride from our bodies? 
That it is indeed the ulterior design behind the useof fluorides, the ulterior motive of why fluoridesare used, this being the suppression of theintuitive abilities that are passed through ororiginate through the pineal gland. That the pinealgland is very much suppressed with fluorides, butfluorides have another purpose as well: to modifythe personality, to make it more amiable andcontrollable, to create a type of mentality andpersonality that are easier to control by those whohave power.It was also understood that it did suppress theintuitive abilities, held down the spiritual potent of the individual. That it affected the pineal to such adegree that those who were naturally sensitive,intuitive and empathic could be seriouslycontrolled through the use of fluoride in the publicdrinking water.Of course the scam around this was that fluoridenaturally protects the teeth of children inparticular and that all would benefit with fluoride,
which was a natural product, a product found innature itself.There is nothing natural about the type of fluoridethat is used. It is highly toxic, a poison to thesystem, and that the actual reason for using it isnot at all to protect the teeth but rather to createthat dependency of character, the suppression of the intuitive capacity, even the emotionalempathic power of the individual.That this Awareness is not saying that allgovernment officials, municipal governmentagents, are aware of this. They largely buy into thelies that are presented them by medicalauthorities, by scientists who are saying that it issafe, who are saying it will help with health andwell-being and the maintenance of the teeth,especially the teeth of children.That this Awareness in the past has spoken of fluoride, has even mentioned that the fluoridedoes coat the teeth, but that often this createsproblems where the teeth themselves rot fromwithin outwards.That as far as cleansing the system, that thisAwareness does suggest that proper nutrition isthe starting point. Nutrition based on organicproduce that has not been sprayed and has notbeen grown in highly toxic soil. This is verybeneficial for the body in order for the body tobegin to process the food at a much deeper level,to get all the nutrition from the food.
 Also, it is recommended that deep cleanses betaken and used by individuals. Again there aremany types of cleanses available through one'shealth practitioner, naturopath, health store andonline; and again it is recommended that oneresearch this matter to find that which best suitsthe individual.That this Awareness does recommend a companyin the United States known as Best On Earth.
But it is not the only cleanse available forindividuals. There are indeed many. While thisAwareness has mentioned but one there are manyothers that are quite adequate and quite good incleansing the system.The system needs to be cleansed in order toremove parasites and other agents that are in thesystem in order to deal with the problem oCandida, a problem that over 90% of thepopulation now have to one degree or another.Candida is that which underlies most major illness,most major disease and yet it is still not evenmentioned as something to be controlled and dealtwith by most medical practitioners.They havethemselves not been instructed in to why rampantCandida is such a problem, how it throws thecomplete balance of the human system, how itleads to extreme disease and the destruction of the immune system.

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