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VitaJournal May 09

VitaJournal May 09

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Published by Tina Gonda
TriVita's May 2009 VitaJournal featuring Tina & Marcus Gonda on the cover. Inside is an article on Tina Gonda's wellness quest and her TriVita wellness opportunities.
TriVita's May 2009 VitaJournal featuring Tina & Marcus Gonda on the cover. Inside is an article on Tina Gonda's wellness quest and her TriVita wellness opportunities.

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Published by: Tina Gonda on May 27, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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May 2009 TRIVITa.cOM
Sig b12
wit oriredie ewSoor boom
Bone Builder and Balanced Woman
10 Essetis
or et d weess
Te 10 Essetis were reted to sitever Weess Seeer. Tig eve smsteps i e oe wi improve or ie dweess i woder ws.
PhYsICal1. B Dpy
Deep breathing expels body toxinsfaster than any other means.
2. Dik W
Getting enough water provides an instantenergy boost – and you may even eat less.
3. sp Pcfuy
Establishing a bedtime routine will helpyou sleep longer and more soundly.
4. e nuiiuy
Choosing healthy, whole foods minimizesblood sugar swings.
5. ejy aciviy
An active lifestyle enables everysystem in your body to work better.
emotIonal6. Giv d rciv lv
Heart-focused, sincere and positivefeelings boost the immune system.
7. B Fgivig
As you let go of negative feelings towardothers, you will find greater peace and optimism.
8. Pcic Giud
Gratitude brings instant joy, buildsphysical defenses and reduces stress.
9. Dvp accpc
Practicing acceptance clears your mind of needless anxiety, freeing you to enjoy life.
sPIrItUal10. Dvp  riip wi Gd
As your relationship grows, you will enjoyall the blessings of unconditional love.
Prsg yr dreams ad gas
Don’t let anything hold you back! 
 Mie R. Eiso, cEO & foder o TriVit, I.
What an exciting time o the year. A time when mothers havejust been honored by their children on Mother’s Day and a timewhen birth and new lie seem to be evident all around us in nature– again highlighting to us all the importance o mothers.May is the time when we dedicate much o the
towomen’s health. We ocus our attention on the special ormulationsor women, as well as eature inspiring stories o women involvedwith the TriVita mission o helping others experience wellness.I encourage you to read the article about Tina Gonda on pages 16-17. She is passionate aboutwellness and helping others experience it. I trust many women will be inspired by this month’sarticles about nurturing your dreams and goals and not letting anything hold you back.I like what Eleanor Roosevelt said: “You gain strength, courage and conidence by everyexperience in which you really step up and look ear in the ace. You must do the thing youthink you cannot do.” Pursuing wellness and creating greater wealth or your lie purposes isan important part o your lie at any age. It is not over until it’s over.Susan and I just returned rom Hawaii where we met a waitress in a little beach caé whoinspired us with her story. She was already a grandmother in her mid 40s, had been divorcedrom an abusive husband, and had a amily to support as a waitress, but was still launching herown Hawaiian shirt clothing line. She radiated with a special glow while telling us she wishedevery woman could just hold on to their dreams and go or it no matter how improbable itlooked. I can’t wait to eature her in an upcoming
, as it is an incredible story o the pursuit o wellness and purpose. Oh yes, she has been introduced to TriVita andloves our mission.This is such a great time to be involved with TriVita ater our successul kicko o SonoranBloom
in Phoenix, Arizona. This product is delivering antastic wellnessexperiences. Its main beneits are helping reduce inlammation and helping detoxiy thebody while helping promote optimal cellular health.We are going across the country introducing the Nopalea product while inviting our Membersto join our Ailiate network in helping share the Nopalea story. We are getting remarkabletestimonials rom people who suer rom a wide variety o inlammation-related issues. Onpage 7 you will ind a list o cities we are visiting to spend time with our Members – sharingabout the product and the
Share and Earn
income opportunity. I you live in or near one o the cities, this is a great time to meet us and hear about this special product, as well as ask ourChie Science Oicer, Brazos Minshew, speciic questions about your interests. As our git to
 Article from Michael Ellison
continued on page 29...
Pursuing wellness and creating greater wealth oryour lie purposes is an important part o your lie at any age.It is not over until it’s over.
 JOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and Wellness
10 fodtioVes
Our natural products are ood based. I you have any ood based allergies, please read the labels. Statements or claims in this publication have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These productsare not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
hep lock Out te bone Tief 
How to protect your bonesrom osteoporosis.
d Soorboom
Det! higigtso te big Poei Evet
Get ready to
Share and Earn
withthis phenomenal new product.
Soig Stroe Sttistis
Anyone can get them – even inants!
big het brisd Vitmi b12
There’s a strong, positive connection.
Goig Gtefree MReieve aerg Proems
Start eeling better ast withthese easy, palate-pleasing recipes.
Ti Ss, “We a feehetier T Or yers”
She credits the 10 Essentials andgreat TriVita products.
In this
TriVit Serves Jos’sntritio needs Wiehe Serves i Ir
Regular “CARE” packagesrom home keep him healthy.
Tere’s hope orMigrie Sfferers
A leading neurologist explainspromising treatments.
10 fodtioVes
1. PhysaApprved Frmas
Our medical board uses their extensive health andnutrition knowledge to approve proprietary TriVitasupplements based on the latest scientific research andthe health and wellness concerns of our Members.
2. uqe Devery Sysems
Unlike other supplements that can be diffi cult toabsorb, TriVita supplements are developed formaximum absorption and effect.
3. cred labrary Sdes
Signature products from TriVita undergo medicalstudies and trials at accredited universities andmedical centers to ensure their effectiveness.
4. Pres nara igrede
 TriVita uses the highest-quality essential nutrientsavailable to create effective, body-friendly formulaswithout mood altering stimulantsor harmful chemicals.
5. PharmaeaGrade Qay
We voluntarily adhere to the strict manufacturingguidelines of the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).
6. thrdPary tesg ad cerfia
In addition to our own quality control, wecommission third-party testing and research toguarantee that our products are full potency andmeet all regulatory standards.
7. QaycredPaagg ad Prd
Safety is a top priority in our packaging and manufacturing; we inspect each product at least 10 times and use twosafety seals per package on all ingestible products toguarantee safety, freshness and product potency.
8. Dedaed  Prd iva
 TriVita’s commitment to science is a driving forcebehind our superior quality products, from formulationto production. Led by our Chief Science Offi cer andrenowned nutraceutical pioneers, we put the utmostcare into creating products that deliver positive andlifelong wellness experiences for our Members.
9. Meda Advsry Bard
 TriVita’s advisory panel of Board Certified physiciansprovide us with the latest information on scientificdevelopments and testing methods.
10. cmpee csmerSasa Garaee
We promise to provide the best customer experiencepossible and offer a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee on all of our products.
May 2009
 Join us at a Sonoran Bloomevent near you.
It’s never too early to prevent bone loss.
E xci ting highligh t s  f rom  the  Sonoran Bloom kick o   in Phoeni x. 

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