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The Wrong Place.

The Wrong Place.

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"Peter sat down among iAem." — Luke xxii. 54>


"Peter sat down among iAem." — Luke xxii. 54>

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Aug 06, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE WROG PLACE.BY JAMES SMITH"Peter sat down among iAem." — Luke xxii. 54>Who sat down ? Peter ; one whom Jesus hadcalled out of the world, and separated unto Hiakingdom and for His service. One who had beentaught by the Father to know the character, andbear testimony to the dignity of Jesus. Onewno had been sent out to preach the gospel andwork miracles, and who had rejoiced that thevery devils were subject unto him through thename of Jesus. One who had been peculiarlyfavoured ; as in the house of Jairus, on themount of transfiguration, and in the garden of Gethsemane. One to whom Jesus had promiseda throne in His coming kingdom, and who hadbeen solemnly cautioned against yielding totemptation. One who was considered a zealousand determined disciple, whom none suspected,nor did he suspect himself.What did he ? " He sat down among them."He was now in the High Priest's house, beforewhom Jesus was brought as a criminal. He wassurrounded by the enemies of His Master, whoscoffed at his claims and thirsted for His blood.He was led hither by curiosity, desiring to seewhat would be the end of the present attemptTHE WROG PLACE. 177on his Master's life. He thus neglected t.ie lovingcaution and exhortation of Jesus, who had said," Verily, verily, I say unto thee, The cock shall
not crow, till thou haist denied me thrice."*' Watch ye and pray, lest ye enter into tempta-tion." He was off his guard, and neglectingprayer ; and now he sits down among them asthough he was one of them, like a person athome with them.What was the consequence ? He was tempted.The temptation was tdk strong for him ; he felt,he manifested his weakness. He fell — fell intothe very sin against which he was warned, againstwhich he had so warmly and zealously protested ;fell in the presence of John, within sight of Jesus,before his determined and avowed foes. He re-peated the sin, and at every repetition manifestedmore hardness and depravity. Poor Peter Iwhere is thy courage, thy zeal, thy going toprison and to death ? Satan desired to havethee, and he has thee now ! How much betterwould it have been for thee, if thou hadst fledwith the rest of thy fellow-disciples, or hadst re-mained behind in the garden to pray ! But it istrial alone that will convince us of our ficklenessand weakness.Reader, take heed where you go. You arenot alike safe in every place. " Go not in theway of sinners." Stand not in the council of the ungodly, lest you should at length sit in the178 THE WROG PLACE.seat of the scornful. Peter fell by degrees; somay you. Watch and pray wherever you go •you had need be always on the look-out foidanger, and m pra^yer for divine keeping. Whensolicited to go into questionable places, think of Peter ; when invited to join worldly parties, be-
ware. Be sure you are justified in what you do,and where you go. Ask seriously, Will God gowith me ? For if God does not sanction you, if He does not go with you. you will be sure to fallAsk again, Does the promise reach me here?Have the angels charge over me, to keep me inthis way that I go ? Ask once more, Did dutycall me hither ? If it did, you may be safe, foryou may look for and expect to receive the Lord'sblessing.Professor of religion, think of Peter; andavoid the snare in which he was taken. It isrecorded for your admonition, and it is intendedto preserve you from falling. When inclined to join worldly parties, or to be present at carnalfeasts, ask, " Should Peter sit down among them?Will God be with me ? Can He approve of mygoing ?" And if these remarks should be read byone, who can occasionally frequent the alehouse,and sit down among drunkards, I must tell suchan one, you are in the wrong place. Peter, weak as he was, would not go thither. Peter had notgone into the High Priest's hall but that hiaMaster was there ; but you know your Master isTHE WROG PLACE. 179not in the alehouse. Can you think that theholy angels could bear to be there ? — and if notyou have not your keepers with you. (Ps. xyxiv. 7,xei. 11, 12.) If at any time duty should leadthither, holiness should prevent your remainingthere longer than is absolutely necessary. Whodo you find there ? Swearers, liars, harlots, adul-terers, and every kind of profane persons ; theyfeel at home there, they have fellowship witheach other ; but shall Peter sit duwn among them ?

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