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UMass RFP for lease of classroom, administrative and research space in Springfield,

UMass RFP for lease of classroom, administrative and research space in Springfield,

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Published by Patrick Johnson
UMass-Amherst request for proposals with the Massachusetts Building Authority for the lease of space in downtown Springfield.
UMass-Amherst request for proposals with the Massachusetts Building Authority for the lease of space in downtown Springfield.

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Published by: Patrick Johnson on Aug 06, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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August 5, 2013
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The University of Massachusetts
Building Authority (“UMBA”)
is requesting sealed bid proposals for the Lease of Classroom, Administrative and Research Space. The space will be used as classrooms,administrative space, research space and associated services for various University of Massachusetts
(the “
 programs in downtown Springfield, Massachusetts. The space will also includefaculty offices, a student lounge/reception area and a small kitchenette.Sealed proposals shall be submitted to the University of Massachusetts Building Authority, in care of Katherine P. Craven, Executive Director, 225 Franklin Street, 12
Floor, Boston, MA 02110,
that they are received by 2:00 p.m. on September 3, 2013. Any bid received after the time and datespecified will not be considered.Each Proposal must be enclosed in a sealed envelope clearly endorsed with the name and address of theRespondent, Title and Contract Number. Bid documents will be available on the UMBA website byvisitinghttp://www.umassba.net or  by contacting Mary Kaitlin McSally, General Counsel atmkmcsally@umassp.edu.Messenger and other type of pick-up and delivery services are the agent of the Respondent and the UMBA assumes no responsibility for delivery or receipt of the documents.
The UMBA is an independent body politic and corporate and an authority of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts created by and existing under Chapter 773 of the Acts of 1960, as amended (the
“Enabling Act”).
The UMBA is created for the general purposes of aiding and contributing to the performance of the
educational and other purposes of the University of Massachusetts (“University”), by providing
residence halls, dining commons and other buildings and structures for the use of the University, itsstudents, staff and their dependents and certain approved organizations. The Authority serves theUniversity of Massachusetts, which is comprised of five campuses at Amherst, Boston, Dartmouth,Lowell, and the Medical School in Worcester.The UMBA consists of eleven (11) members, five of whom are Trustees of the University of Massachusetts and all of whom are appointed by the Governor.
In the exercise of its powers and performance of duties under the UMBA’s Enabling Act, the UMBA
has certain general and specific powers relative to the financing and construction of capital projects andthe acquisition and disposition of real and personal property for the benefit of the University. Uponapproval by the University Board of Trustees and UMBA Board of Directors as provided in theEnabling Act, such powers include but are not limited to authorization to acquire real and personal property by lease, purchase.All terms, conditions, requirements, and procedures included in this RFP must be met for a Response to be determined responsive. If a Respondent fails to meet any material term, condition, requirement or  procedure, its Response may be deemed unresponsive and disqualified.Unless otherwise specified in this RFP all communications, responses, and documentation must be inEnglish, all measurements must be provided in feet, inches, and pounds and all cost proposals or 
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figures in U.S. Currency. All Responses must be submitted in accordance with the specific terms of thisRFP. No electronic Responses may be submitted in response to this RFP.Respondents are prohibited from communicating directly with any employee of the UMBA except asspecified in this RFP, and no other individual. No UMBA employee or representative is authorized to provide any information or respond to any question or inquiry concerning this RFP, except as specifiedin this RFP. Respondents may contact the UMBA if this RFP is incomplete.All responses and information submitted in response to this RFP are subject to the MassachusettsPublic Records Law, M.G.L., Chapter 66, Section 10, and Chapter 4, Section 7, Subsection 26,regarding public access to such documents. Any statements reserving any confidentiality or privacyrights in submitted Responses or otherwise inconsistent with these statutes will be void anddisregarded.The UMBA makes no guarantee that any lease award will be made as a result of this RFP. Any leaseagreement will be subject to funding availability. The goal of this RFP is to award this contract to theresponsible person offering the most suitable space at the lowest cost. All Responses must be presentedusing the same numbering and ordering sequence used in this RFP or as otherwise specified.Respondents may not alter (manually or electronically) the RFP language or any RFP component files.Modifications to the body this RFP, specifications, terms and conditions, or which change the intent of this RFP are prohibited. Any unauthorized modifications may disqualify a Response.
The UMBA is seeking proposals for approximately 25,000 square feet, with the option to expand byanother 25,000 square feet at a later date, of leased space suitable for administrative, classroom,including potential clinical space for a nursing program, research, and related uses. The space shall beready by January, 2014. The space shall be in downtown Springfield, with onsite parking, and preferably within walking distance of the train and bus stations, and within the area of interest indicatedin Appendix A.The space will be used for various University programs and will include classrooms, facultyoffices, a multi-purpose area for reception and student lounge, and a small kitchenette. Classes will take place Mondays through Saturdays, between 7:30 am and 10:30 pm.Space must be handicap accessible, conforming to all relevant Federal, State and Local Regulations.The building premises must comply with building codes for life safety including, but not limited to,egress, fire escapes, fire extinguishers, exit diagrams, exit signs, emergency lighting and alarm systems.
2.1 Landlord:
Please provide the name of the Building Landlord and clearly identify the controlling entities of theLandlord.
2.2 Tenant:
The University of Massachusetts Building Authority
2.3 Building:
Please specify the name and address of the Building and provide detailed information about theBuilding, including age, size, number of floors, other tenants (if any), parking, building systems(including specifics on HVAC systems, controls and capacities), floor plans, amenities, etc.

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