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'Dollars More Precious Than Ignorant Natives'

'Dollars More Precious Than Ignorant Natives'

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Published by Thavam Ratna

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Published by: Thavam Ratna on Aug 06, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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WEDNESDAY, 07AUGUST 2013The Gampaha shooting exposed the government.Clearly the government has allowed the Multi- National Companies to exploit our land and peoplewith disregard to environmental hazards and the existence of human beings.It was necessary for them to open fire at students and young people, in order to allow the products of a factory to be sent to the harbour.Gloves are made with the blood and sweat of our people, while the soil gets charged withacid. These have to be sent abroad urgently, not to annoy our global masters. So they fireat a few ‘ignorant natives’ who dare to block the road meant for their masters' agents!Three deaths occurred and several dozens were wounded as a result of this incident. “Sowhat, if these rascals do not allow our precious gloves to be sent immediately, in order toget our dollars to be used in casinos; we were left with no alternative. These ‘shits’ gotwhat they deserved.Of course we can bill the burial as Mahinda Chinthana new edition.This new edition is supported by the IMF. The International Monetary Fund very recentlycommending Lanka’s poverty reduction and President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s role indeveloping the country has assured its continued support.Dr. Anoop Singh, International Monetary Fund’s Director for Asia and the Pacific region,who arrived in the island to participate in “Sri Lanka Economic Summit”, gave thisassurance whenhe metPresidentRajapaksa atthe TempleTrees. “Youhave brought SriLanka to ahigher level of developmentwithin a short period and nowit’s time tofocus on longterm economicstability,” said
Dr. Singh. Recalling his visit few years ago to Lanka, the IMF’s Regional Director saidthat there was vast improvement visible now and there was room for improvement in anumber of areas and sustained rapid growth over prolonged periods was achievable.To be fair, it is true that the suspected rubber glove maker and exporter, Dipped ProductsPLC of Hayleys Group has rejected the accusation that it is the factory that is responsiblefor water pollution in the Weliweriya area."Gloves are made with the blood and sweat of our people, while making the soil chargedwith acid. These have to be sent abroad urgently, not to annoy our global masters. So theyfire at a few ‘ignorant natives’ who dare to block the road meant for their master’sagents!"In a statement following the public protest over quality of the water in the villagessurrounding the factory, the Managing Director expressed his grave concern over themisconception that its factory located in Nedungamuwa, Weliweriya is causingenvironmental and water pollution.
We as a conglomerate that follows ethical procedures to manufacture quality products aswell as service with utmost care, condemn the accusations made by such people and takethis opportunity to affirm our Quality Control Procedures,” the statement said.This company which manufactures latex glove products and exports them to more than70 countries in the world is a key foreign exchange earner for Sri Lanka.However, ‘Siridamma Sadhu’ and others who led the protest say clearly, that they went tocourts many years back and decisions were given with the support of proper analysis bystate departments. However, these were not implemented with rulings from higher authorities.They were not able to go to higher courts due to the lack of funds and resource persons.Precisely that is why they had to seek the power of mass action.In the course of the struggle, they exposed the truth that the cause for the rise of aciditylevel, in the surrounding area, is the polluted water from the factories in the area. Allother reasons given are valid to many other areas; but such environmental change has nottaken place.One can understand the arguments put forward by the company; what else should weexpect from them? But what about the regime ,which admits in discussions that factoriessituated in the area are responsible for this great hazard , but fails to control them. Not only that, the regime deployed the army to save the culprit, by killing and wounding protesting citizens. This macabre incident shows the degeneration of the society under theMahinda regime.Recently I met Maya, a foreign lady, who is concerned for the oppressed people. She hadstudied psychology and psychotherapy and I suggested that she could use her experienceto help so many in this society.She said by living here she got so depressed that she is waiting for the day to get out.Every day she hears of the same, powerful people involved in frauds, rape and other 

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