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Davenport Government Opposition to Motion

Davenport Government Opposition to Motion

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Published by citypaper

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Published by: citypaper on May 27, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The United States of America, by Rod J. Rosenstein, United States Attorney for the Districtof Maryland, and James T. Wallner, Assistant United States Attorney, hereby responds to thedefendant’s motion to set conditions of release.
The defendant, Deitra Davenport, was indicted by the United States Grand Jury along withover 20 other individuals (charged in 2 related indictments WDQ-09-0183-84) with conspiracy todistribute heroin and ecstasy.These indictments were the result of an investigation conducted by the Drug EnforcementAdministration (DEA) into the Black Guerilla Family (BGF). The investigation revealed that BGFis the largest prison-based gang in the Maryland, and controls most of the prison facilities, throughthe smuggling of contraband, including drugs, using corrupt prison guards as conduits (i.e. “horses”).BGF extorts protection money from inmates, and taxes the smuggling of items by other membersor affiliates of BGF, and other prison-based gangs.The investigation also revealed the Eric Brown, “EB” is the head of BGF in the state. Untilrecently, Brown was housed at the Maryland Transition Center (MTC), in Baltimore, Maryland. As
 No legal marriage exists between Brown and the defendant. In fact, Brown,
through intercepted conversations, claims to have several wives.2 part of the BGF enterprise, Brown wrote a book,
The Black Book-Empowering Black Families and Communities.
Multiple cooperating witnesses have identified the book as a fraudulent representationof the purpose of BGF, and to give the entire organization the appearance of a legitimate goal.The defendant was the “wife” of Eric Brown. She is listed a corporate officer of DeeDat
Publishing, the publisher of the “Black Book.” The defendant was in constant contact with Brownduring the period of the investigation through a contraband cellular phone smuggled to Brown inMTC. During the investigation, intercepted phone calls indicate the defendant, along with another charged individual, Rainbow Williams, smuggled tobacco to Brown by paying $300 to a corrupt jailguard. The following are excerpts from some of the calls:On February 24, 2009, at approximately 3:12 pm, Brown made an outgoing call to DeitraDavenport. During the call, Brown told Davenport, “Give five of them cans to Rainbow and givehim $300 too.” Davenport asked, “Do what?” Brown continued, “Give Rainbow the five cans todayand give him $300 too.” Davenport responded, “Um huh.” Brown then said, “He should have $300.That’s what I was getting at when I was asking you, what about the money, don’t he owe somemoney for them books [a reference to the Black Book]. Don’t he?” Davenport went on to explainthat she believed that Williams currently owed money for 30 books. Brown then explained that hewould investigate. Based on my training and experience and other information developed duringthis investigation, I believe that, in this conversation, Brown was instructing Davenport to deliver “five cans,” which I believe to contain contraband and $300 to Rainbow Williams. The “five cans,”which on occasion contain tobacco, would be delivered to Williams for the purpose of having him
3arrange for the items to be smuggled into the prison where Brown is currently being housed. The$300 referenced is believed by law enforcement to be payment that was to be provided to anunidentified corrections officer who would be responsible for smuggling the contraband into the prison facility. During the course of this investigation law enforcement has learned from prisonofficials, confidential sources, and cooperating inmates that there are correctional officers workingin the Maryland prison system that are assisting inmates with the smuggling of illegal contrabandinto the different prisons. Some of these items include tobacco, weapons, and controlled substancesincluding heroin and ecstasy.On February 24, 2009, at approximately 5:19 pm, Brown received an incoming call fromDeitra Davenport. After the two greeted each other Davenport said, “I need you to call Rainbow andsee where he, where I need to meet him at.” Brown asked, “You can’t catch him?” Davenportanswered, “I don’t have his number.” At this time Brown then placed a three-way call to RainbowWilliams. The three-way call went unanswered. Brown then returned to his conversation withDavenport and said, “Just go ahead and lay back, he just got to come see you.” Davenport then said,“Alright.” Based on my training and experience and other information developed during thisinvestigation, I believe that this communication was a follow up to Brown and Davenport’s earlier conversation regarding the “five cans” and the “$300.” Davenport was inquiring about when andwhere she should meet Williams to make the delivery of the contraband.On February 24, 2009, at approximately 9:14 pm, Brown placed an outgoing call to DeitraDavenport. During the conversation Brown asked, “So how far are you away from him?” Davenportanswered, “We supposed to be meeting down, right here on Harford Road and Hamilton. But I don’tsee him yet.” Brown then said, “Let me call him.” Brown then placed an outgoing call to (410) 336-

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