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The Touching Prayer.

The Touching Prayer.

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Published by glennpease

" I will say unto God, Do not condemn me ;
shew me wherefore thou contendest with me." —
Job. X. 2.

" I will say unto God, Do not condemn me ;
shew me wherefore thou contendest with me." —
Job. X. 2.

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Published by: glennpease on Aug 06, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE TOUCHIG PRAYER.BY JAMES SMITH" I will say unto God, Do not condemn me ;shew me wherefore thou contendest with me." — Job. X. 2.Let us glance at the patriarch's state of mind.Communion with God was suspended ; he couldnot perceive the presence, nor enjoy fellowshipwith Jehovah. He cried, but obtained no an-swer ; he complained, but there was no manifes-tation of sympathy. The painful correction of aFather's rod were experienced ; he was smittenin his property, in his body, in his friendship, andwhat was worse, in his soul. He thought hisGod was become cruel unto him. Darkness sur-rounded him, gloom presided over his spirit, anddespondency preyed upon his soul. Temptationsvexed him, and the fiery darts of Satan inflamedand tortured his mind. He reflected upon thepast, but it only increased his distress ; he lookedforward to the future, but he saw no way of escape ; he looked up to heaven, but God hid Hisface from him, and he looked within, but all wasperplexity and misery there. His soul was castdown within him, and he was afraid of all hissorrows. He longed for death, but it fled fromhim ; and every thing seemed intended to deepenTHE TOUCHIG PRAYER. 205his distress. o one had so much patience, andno one had so much need for it ; for no one wasso much tried. He knew not the cause of his
sufFerings, and his friends falsely accused him ;and amidst the whole he was panting for deliver-ance and restoration.He saw the hand of God, and said, " It is theLord ;" he at times condemned himself, andsought relief at the throne ; but one thing aboveall others he feared, — lest his God should con-demn him. " I will say unto God, Do not com-demn me." Do not account me wicked. Donot separate me from thyself. Do not alwaysrefuse me thy presence. Do not unite the curseto the cross. " Cast me not away from thy pre-sence." " Shew me wherefore thou contendestwith me," Afflictions sometimes indicate thatGod is displeased, that our way is perverse beforeHim ; by trials He contends with us for His ownright, and against our improper conduct. Tohave a controversy with God, is always painful,and sometimes very distressing. But there isalways a cause ; if God afflict, it is to reproveas, or prevent our falling by self-dependence, orto purify us and make us partakers of His holi-ness. A godly man in affliction will endeavourto search out the cause, in order that he mayconfess it, obtain pardon, and forsake it.This subject affords us important instructionIf a holy man, like Job, dreaded divine condem-18206 THE TOUCHIG PRAYER.nation, how much more may sinners ; and howfearful and dreadfill it must be ! To be con-demned of God is, of all evils, the very greatest ;and yet every one who dotfi not believe in theLord Jesus Christ is so condemned. Reader, are
you condemned ? Did you ever enquire into yourstate before God ? Did you ever dread condem-nation, and flee to Jesus to escape it? If not,you are condemned. The law condemns yon forbreaking its precepts. The gospel condemns youfor rejecting its claims, and refusing its provisionsConscience will condemn you, and if grace pre-vent not, v/ill be like a living, gnav/ing, devour-ing worm at your vitals for ever. Condemned IWhat degradation ! Condemned of God ! Whythis is Satan's state ! Condemned to be banishedfrom God for ever! This is the punishment of devils ! Condemned to suffer the due desert of your crimes ! Why this will last through eter-nity, and must be inflicted upon every member,power, and faculty of the entire man ! Con-demned, what, by a God of love, under the soundof the gospel! O misery of misery ! Condemned,and condemned for refusing mercy ! What mad-ness must be in the heart, and v»^hat a pungencymust this give to torment, what fierceness to theever-burning flame !Sinner ! I beseech thee stop, think, believe,pray, repent, embrace the Saviour, and escapesuch an awful doom. Stop this moment ; think THE TOUCHIG PRAYER. 207of your danger before you proceed another step ;believe the good news which thy God has sentthee ; pray for pardon, peace, and life ; repent,of thy folly, and break off thy sins by righteous-ness. Tried believer ! Follow this example setthee by afflicted Job, go and fall down before thyGod, and pray, •'* Do not condemn me, shew mewherefore thou contendcst with me." It will easethy mind, relieve thy spirit, and conduct thee to

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