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The Unpardonable Sin.

The Unpardonable Sin.

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Published by glennpease

" The blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall
not be forgiven unto men." Matt. xii. 41.

" The blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall
not be forgiven unto men." Matt. xii. 41.

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Published by: glennpease on Aug 06, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE UPARDOABLE SI.BY JAMES SMITH" The blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shallnot be forgiven unto men." Matt. xii. 41.There is one sin which God never pardons,and but one : this sin is called the sin againstthe Holy Ghost. Many sins against the Spiritare forgiven ; but this is never forgiven. It wascommitted by some when our Lord was upon the.earth ; they were convinced in their consciences,that He was the Son of God, the promised Mes-siah ; that His works were wrought by the pre-sence and power of the Holy Spirit ; and yetthey v/ere so filled with malice and enmityagainst Him, that they said, He is an uncleanspirit, and wrought His works by Beelzebub, theprince of the devils. They blasphemed orspake maliciously and spitefully against the HolyGhost, contraiy to the verdict and stirring of theirown consciences. Paul speaks of this sin in hisepistle to the Hebrews (x. 26 — 31,) and representsit as a wicked trampling of the Son of God un-derfoot, and a wilful, despiteful opposition to theHoly Ghost. The sin can only be committed bythose who have clear light in the head, and deep-rooted malice in the heart ; they know that Je-sus is the Christ, that He is the only sacrifice forsin ; and yet they feel such enmity against Him,THE UPARDOABLE SI. 225that they speak reproachfully of Him, and wouldif they could, trample Him underfoot as the mireof the streets. It is the effect of the meeting of 
clear light and powerful malice ; when maliceprevails, and the man manifests his hatred andperseveres in his sin. It is that presumptuousein, for which no sacrifice is appointed ; and forwhich no pardon is offered in the gospel. It is asin of which no one ever did repent in this world,and no one ever will ; for it is impossible to re-new such unto repentance.Many fear they have committed this sin, whowould tremble at the thought of it ; who neverapproached near unto it. o one ever did com-mit it who feared he should, and prayed against it ;or, who feared he had, and mourned on accountof it. When this sin is committed, the soul isquite given up, and then no one is so hated anddreaded as the Lord Jesus ; nothing is so loathedand abused as the glorious gospel ; no people areso despised and contemned as the saints of God ;and the deep enmity and malice of the soul seemespecially directed against the person, office, andwork of the Holy Spirit. Some such sinners maybe given up to lightness, levity, and folly ; othersto gloom, sullenness, and reserve ; others to cove-tousness, and love of money ; others to work alluncleanness with greediness ; all of them to hard-ness and impenitency of heart.o one who believes the divine authority cf U26 THE UPARDOABLE SI.the gospel, who has any reverence for the LorclJesus, or desires to be saved by Him, who isalarmed at the thought of having committed thiscrime, can have done so. For all sucli there ismercy ; to all such pardon is presented in thegospel. They may have acted wrong, yea basely,

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