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Hinduism- The future of Humanity

Hinduism- The future of Humanity

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Published by doctorrao
Hinduism- The future of Humanity
Hinduism- The future of Humanity

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Published by: doctorrao on Aug 07, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Hinduism - on Future of Humanity
Dr.T.V.Rao MD
If one is asked to define Hinduism, no man with wisdom find an Immediate answer and majority findit is much more difficult to express in few words, and at least few finds sensible to say it is a faith of people in understanding self, and others who co inhabit around him. A little enlightened manexpress, it is very difficult to grasp the nature of this religion. It may be the only religion which has norigid dogmas, no fixed theory, no credo, and very few priests dictating ideology, imposing onindividuals. In the Holy book of Hindu scriptures the BHAGAVAT GITA; Lord Krishna says all humansworship according to their nature. Every religion creates belief in GOD, as the creator of Universe.The deep thinkers of Hinduism understood the religion as a concern and faith in humanity andcoexistence with other living creatures. In essence Hinduism points to the Universal foundations of Human living and their complexitiesHinduism stood the test time with multiple invasion from external sources and today faces thethreat within our own natio
n with principles of pseudo secluralism,The reasons of India’s survival
remain with the deep faith in Artha, Kama, Dharma, and if practiced to best of his ability attainMoksha Religion rarely imposed and controlled individuals against his wishes. Every one emphasizedthat you are creator of you destiny. All are for one reality that you are the ATMAN and your goal is toreach the PARMATMAN that is almighty. Even the enlightened westerns believe that Hinduism to beunderstood as Universal way of Living The sectarian identity with castes followed, for selfish endshas lost several masses leaving the Hindu faith embracing other religious identities . Many who areknowledgeable used the understanding the Vedas and Upanishads for their survival rather thancreati
ng the love for Hinduism .If a person’s converts to other religion, he has not understood thephilosophy of their own religion. Mere identity with religion don’t turn sub human to human race.
Every religion is a wonderful creation; people convert just for the advantage of the day or time. Thebeginning of the 20th century has great preachers of Hinduism and followed the Hinduism in realsense and practiced without hypocrisy. Mahatma Gandhi championed the cause of AHIMSA with
slogan of “Ahimsa Parma Dharma”
meaning nonviolence is the highest act of life. If understood inthe true sense The Mahabharata great epic on human destiny teaches howDharma win over Adharma, every character is hidden in us, only waiting for an opportunity tosurface. If any Adharma committed with knowledge or ignorance will bear fruit how mighty you are.
Every character, how noble in their attitudes has reaped the consequences. Today’s problems in
Hinduism are manmade, but not GOD made, misinterpreted for selfish goals.. The strength of Hinduism lies in choice of way of life. The Doctrine of Karma, every living human guided by his acts of omission and commission, and also guides the destiny of the Nation or even the Universe. Fewpeople in India take to crime and become immoral in spite of several hardships experienced in basicrequirement s of life. The poor man is a great follower of the Hinduism as he still lives with faith inGOD. The recent Scientific and Economic advances brought in consumerism, greed, and selfishnessmore than any concern for Society, forgetting all the co humans which in turn contributing hungryhelpless masses. Today people in power, mighty, and rich buy the Justice, trade with Humansuffering. The unanswered question is, will be one happy with Injustice to others. Time is bestteacher, great instrument in the hands of Almighty, yet no one escaped.

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