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The All-comprehending One.

The All-comprehending One.

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Published by glennpease

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Published by: glennpease on Aug 07, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE ALL-COMPREHEDIG OE.BY JAMES SMITH" Christ is all"— Col ili. ILAs all light is in the sun, and as the source of all our springs is the ocean ; so all blessings arein Christ and flow freely from Him. He is, Helias, all the sinner does or can possibly need ; andthe blessings the sinnor needs, can be obtainednowhere else but in Jesus. Does he need par-don? " The Son of man hath power to forgivesins ;" He is exalted to give the remission of sins.He pardons all sin. He pardons every one whoapplies with confession, faith, and prayer. Hepardons freely. He pardons frequently. Hepardons without upbraiding. Does he need right-eousness? It is only by the obedience of Jesus,that any can be made righteous. He brought iueverlasting righteousness. " He is the end of thelaw, for righteousness, to every one that believ-eth." His perfect work is the " robe of right-eousness ;" " the righteousness of God ;" " therighteousness which is" obtained, and enjoyed" by faith ;" " the gift of righteousness." Andby Him every one that believcth is justified atonce and for ever, from all things. Does he needacceptance with God ? It is only through Jesus,who is the one Mediator: He introduces sinnersto God ; by Him they have access, and they areaccepted in Him, who is the beloved. Does he228 THE ALL-COMPREHEDIG OE.need wisdom, or holiness, or redemption ? Of God, Christ is made to every sinner who beheves,
wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, and redemp-tion ; and by interest in Him and union to Him,every believer is complete, " Ye are coipplete inHim." A sinner can think of nothing that hereally needs, but it is to be found in Christ ; andall that is to be found in Christ, is to be obtainedfrom Christ by faith and prayer.Christ is all in reference to the saint. WithoutChrist we are wretched, and miserable, and poor,and blind, and naked ; but with Christ we arehonourable, and happy, and rich, and clothed,and enjoy clear sight. All the saint can want inall circumstances, Christ is ; and our daily ex-perience very much consists in learning our needof Christ, and leaniing to make use of Christ.Is the Christian in darkness ? Christ is " the Sunof righteousness," " the light of the world," " theluminary to lighten the Gentiles, and the gloryof His people Israel." Is he in danger ? Christis his shield, and He says, " I am thy shield ;"" above all taking the shield of faith :" the shieldof reason, is argument, eflbrt, or courage ; butthe shield of faith is the Lord Jesus ; faith makesuse of Christ to conquer every foe, quench everyfiery dart, and overcome every difficulty. Is hediseased? Christ is the great, the skilful, the in-fallible Physician. He heals every believer.Heals as often as they are sick. Heals withoutTHE ALL-COMPREHEDIG OE. 229fee or reward. Is he in want ? Christ is thebread of Hfe, in Kim are the wells of salvation ;He has durable riches and righteousness ; and thelife which we live in the flesli, is by the faith of the Son of God, who hath loved us, and givenHimself for us. Is he dull and lifeless ? Christ

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