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Prayer Forbidden.

Prayer Forbidden.

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" Let it suffice thee ; speak no more unto ine
of this matter." Deut. iii. 26.

" Let it suffice thee ; speak no more unto ine
of this matter." Deut. iii. 26.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Aug 07, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PRAYER FORBIDDE.BY JAMES SMITH" Let it suffice thee ; speak no more unto ineof this matter." Deut. iii. 26.We are sometimes very anxious, for what Godis not willing to bestow ; He will supply all ourwants, but He will not grant all our wishes. Hewill give us that which is good, though He denyus that which is gratifying. Moses was verydesirous of entering into the promised land ; butthe Lord had determined to correct his sin ; hehad prayed and had been denied ; he is inclinedto persevere ; but the Lord says, " Speak no moreunto me of this matter." Even Moses cannotprevail. Yea, he is forbidden to pray on the sub- ject. So may we on some points. Elijah prayedthat he might die ; David prayed for the lifeof his child ; yet both were denied. So if wepray for health, wealth, ease, or shining gifts ;the Lord may deny, and yet be faithful to Hisword. He never promised to answer carnalprayers, or to give what would do us harm.Therefore, when we ask for any thing not posi-tively promised, it should always be in submissionto the will of God. He always wills our good,and His love rules over our destiny.But though the Lord may refuse us somePRAYER FORBIDDE. 253things, and even forbid us to pray for them, yetHe has promised us enough to satisfy us if rightlyemployed. Let it, therefore, suffice thee, believer,
to live upon the promises of thy God ; for in themthere is enough. Are you sick 7 He saith, " Iwill make all thy bed in thy sickness." He willperform the part of a kind and attentive nurse ;soothing thy soul while thy body suffers, and sup-porting thee under thy burden of affliction. Areyou poor 7 He says, " I am thy portion." Thewealth of Diety is thine. God is the portion of thine inheritance, and of thy cup, He maintainethtliy lot. Are you xDcak 7. He says, " I am thystrength." " I will strengthen thee." And Hewill be as good as His word. He will givestrength equal to the day. Are you tempted 7He will with the temptation make a way for yourescape. Look to Him, and your refuge is cer-tain. Trust in Him, and deliverance is sure.Are you friendless 7 He says, " I have calledyou friends." And He will perform the part of a friend. He will counsel, relieve, and comfortyou in every trouble and distress ; and willnever fail you nor forsake you. Are you be-reaved 7 He asks, " Am I not better to theethan ten children, or husbands, or wives, or what-ever you have lost ?" He can fill every relation,and more than make up for every loss. Are youaged 7 He says, " Even to your old age I araHe ; and even to your hoar hairs will I carry22254 PRAYER FORBIDDE.you : I have made, and I will bear ; even I w'llLcarry, and will deliver you." " Let it sufficethee, I have promised, and I will perform. If Ideny what you ask, I will give you somethingbetter. I will make all things work for thy good .therefore, be not anxious, complaining, despond-ing, or foreboding."

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