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A Portion for New Year's Day.

A Portion for New Year's Day.

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Published by glennpease

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Published by: glennpease on Aug 07, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A PORTIO FOR EW YEAR'S DAY.BY JAMES SMITH"I MUST turn over a new leaf," said a man theother day, and it was quite time he did, for hewas living in sin, neglecting his family, and de-spising his own soul. ow, I dare say manywill read these lines who have often talked of turning over a new leaf, but have never done so,A temporary conviction flashed across the mind,and, without much thought, or any settled pur-pose, they gave utterance to the exclamation,rriend, listen to me for a few moments, and Iwill try to show you that it is necessary to turnover a new leaf, and that the present is the besttime to do so. A new year begins to-day. Theold year has told its tale before the throne of God. Every act performed, every word spoken,every thought conceived, every temper indulged,has been written as with a pen of iron on a tableof brass. The record is permanent. othingcan obliterate a letter, but the precious blood of Christ. The recording angel has just turnedover a new leaf, and, with pen in hand, 'is readyto register the thoughts, plans, purposes, andpractices of this year. You cannot look over thepast with much pleasure, and had need beginafresh.Eirst, If you have neglected your soul. Thou-sands have done so, perhaps you have. Theyhave attended to the body, even indulging itsA PORTIO FOR EW YEAR'S DAY. 107lusts and evil propensities; but the soul, the
never dying soul, has been neglected. Whatfolly is this! It is like being careful of theframe, and allowing the picture to spoil ; or pay-ing attention to the clothes, and leaving the childto perish. The greatest loss in God's universeis the loss of a soul, and yet thousands of soulsare daily lost by sinful neglect. If your soul islost, it will be in consequence of neglect ; wilful,deliberate, long-continued neglect. It may besaved, for Jesus is both able and willing to saveit ; but unless you apply to him. and seek salva-tion right earnestly, there is no probability thatlie will save you. ow if, up to the presenttime, you have neglected your soul ; if you arestill unpardoned, unsanctified, and unsaved, I amsure it is high time that you " turned over a newleaf. 55Secondly, If you have lived without God.That is, without the knowledge of his nature andcharacter, without faitli in his word, withoutreconciliation to him by the cross of his Sou,without loving, worshiping, and obeying him.God is love, but if you do not love him, you donot know him. God is truth, but if you do notbelieve his word, you do not know him, God istlie only object of adoration, but if you do notworship him in spirit and in truth, you do notknow him. ow, if you do not know God, you.are living without God ; y_ou have no faith inhim, love to him, zeal for him, or fellowship withhim. You are considered his enemy. An enemy108 A PORTIO IDE EW YEAR'S DAYthat refuses to be reconciled to him. An'euemy\vlio prefers his absence to his company, his crea-tures to himself. And if you. are Eying without
God ; if you neither know his character, studyibis word, worship at his throne, or seek to do hiswill, I am sure it is high time for you to " turnover a new leaf."Thirdly, If you are disregarding the rights of your neighbours. You neighbour has a right toyour love, for God has commanded you to loveyour neighbour as yourself. You ought, there-fore, to tnink kindly of every one, speak kindlyto every one, and seek to do good to every one ;for if you do not, how can you be said to keepGod's law ? And if you wilfully, allowedly, andhabitually act contrary to God's law, are you nota criminal in his sight ? and if a criminal, exposedto punishment ? ana if exposed to punishment atthe hand of God, are you not in great danger of being sent to hell, and if in great danger of being sent to hell, is it not high time to " turnover a new leaf." "But my neighbour is nofriend of mine/ 3 Perhaps not, bra love makesfriends, and keeps friends when made. " But myneighbour is above me, and I cannot do anythingto show my love." Are you sure of that ? Letlove fill your thoughts, and it will look out atyour eyes, and you will then soon see an oppor-tunity to manifest that you love your neighbour*"But my neighbour is my enemy." If so, Jesussays, "Love jour enemies, bless them that cursedo good to them that hate you, and pray forA PORTIO EOE EW YEAK,'s DAY. 109them which despitefully use you, and perserctrleyou ; that ye may be the children of your Fatherwhich is in heaven." (Matt. v. 44, 45.) DidJesus command what is right ? Is his commandbinding on- you ? Do you live in the neglect, or

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