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Determination of Thermal Neutron Flux From (Pu-Be) Source of Silver Foil

Determination of Thermal Neutron Flux From (Pu-Be) Source of Silver Foil

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Published by bsebsu7901

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: bsebsu7901 on May 28, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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..ص 30878ىمظا يما )لبا( ءاروج 
نتا ا:bsebso@yahoo.com
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جـتانل يررـــحل نورتنل ضفل عزوت ددحت ردــصمل ةفل ةحرــش ضــرت م ( نورتنل
Pu – Be
Determination of Thermal Neutron Flux from )Pu-Be( Source of Silver Foil
ردصمل ةفل ةحرش ضرت م جتانل يررحل نورتنل ضفل عزوت ددحت ( نورتنل
Pu – Be
Pu – Be
م ربت )عشت اهمدختس كم تل انورتنل رداصم أل ةباقل اهمأ م ةلا زمم ل نورتنل ردصمل ذو ,ةفل ةحرش لا ,داتسل ة و رت  ةوط رم صن .و ةقطمل ةمقلاساقل ةبسنلاهباسح كم ورتنل ةاثك دش ةدب امدن ـت ةـحرش ضـرت ةـفلل ام لـنورتن اقب اقلو طاشن اـه ـاش،و ذ ر اـم  .اش طشنتلاب يررحل نورتنل ضفل عزوت ددحت وةثحبل ةرول ذ م ضرغل إشـت م جتانلـ ةفل ةحرش ع ل نورتنل ردصم (
Pu- Be
ةماب عشتل ةموظنمب دوومل)(
لوح جـتن يذلو ةـوونل ءازفل ـس ).(
n/sec 10
)دابأ د دــنو ،)ااسم(جـئاـتنل ذـ ةنراـقمب ةمملصحتمل نورـتنل ضفـل ةرظنل جئاـتنـلاب  ( ـم اهـ
( ةطسوب دــمل )
Dydejczyk 1991
بت جئاتنل ذو , )ضـفل ـ ـ رفل ـكلو يرظنلو ممل ـنورتنل ضـفل عـزوت ـب دـ ـوت ان ب ا دمو ةفل ةحرشل اش طاشنل ةقطمل ةمقل ا ةد د م جتانل نورتنل.ءرقل
source is one of the most important neutron source can be used for activation of silver foil. This source has the following characteristics: high
reproducibility and long lifetime. The absolute and relative measurements of neutron intensities can be precisely determined by activating a foil in the neutronfield and counting its radioactivity.In the present work the experimentally thermal neutron flux obtained fromactivation of silver foil at different distance from the axis of Pu-Be neutron sourcewith yield 5.5x10
n/s. was compared with theoretical estimated thermal fluxobtained from (ANISN CODE) prepared by (Dydejczyk 1991) the results conductgood agreement was achieved between the special distribution of theexperimentally determined thermal neutron flux and theoretical estimated thermalneutron flux. The difference between the values of neutron fluxes is probably dueto absolute measurement of silver foil activity.
1. Introduction
The neutron strength
(i.e. the number of neutrons emitted by the source per second) of laboratory neutron source are determined by using primarystandardization techniques such as the manganese activation method or the use of the long counter. Such sources are extensively used for fast neutron calibration inthe laboratory. For thermal neutron calibration purposes a sigma pile or paraffin or  polyethylene mode rated system is normally used [1]. In the case of exposure toslow neutrons, the increased blackening beneath a suitable filter such as cadmium,arising from the (n,γ) reaction in the filter may be used for assessment of slowneutron doses [2].For fast neutron doses a special film-pack which uses a nuclear emulsionto record recoil proton tracks based on the emulsion is used [3]. The whole

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