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A Short History of Greek Mathematics (1884) James Gow

A Short History of Greek Mathematics (1884) James Gow

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A Short History of Greek Mathematics (1884) James Gow
A Short History of Greek Mathematics (1884) James Gow

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Published by: Tanya Michaela Kneidinger on Aug 07, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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From the Renaissance to the nineteenth century, Latin and Greek werecompulsory subjects in almost all European universities, and most early modern scholars published their research and conducted internationalcorrespondence in Latin. Latin had continued in use in Western Europe longafer the all o the Roman empire as the lingua ranca o the educated classesand o law, diplomacy, religion and university teaching. e ight o Greek scholars to the West afer the all o Constantinople in 1453 gave impetusto the study o ancient Greek literature and the Greek New Testament.Eventually, just as nineteenth-century reorms o university curricula werebeginning to erode this ascendancy, developments in textual criticism andlinguistic analysis, and new ways o studying ancient societies, especially archaeology, led to renewed enthusiasm or the Classics. is collectionoers works o criticism, interpretation and synthesis by the outstandingscholars o the nineteenth century.
A Short History of Greek Mathematics
James Gow’s
Short History of Greek Mathematics
(1884) provided the rstull account o the subject available in English, and it today remains a clearand thorough guide to early arithmetic and geometry. Beginning with theorigins o the numerical system and proceeding through the theorems o Pythagoras, Euclid, Archimedes and many others, the
Short History 
oersin-depth analysis and useul translations o individual texts as well as abroad historical overview o the development o mathematics. Parts I and IIconcern Greek arithmetic, including the origin o alphabetic numerals andthe nomenclature or operations; Part III constitutes a complete history o Greek geometry, rom its earliest precursors in Egypt and Babylon throughto the innovations o the Ionic, Sophistic, and Academic schools and theirollowers. Particular attention is given to Pythagorus, Euclid, Archimedes,and Ptolemy, but a host o lesser-known thinkers receive deserved attentionas well.
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