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Questions Assignment 07

Questions Assignment 07

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Published by bravemarine

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Published by: bravemarine on Aug 07, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Exploring Romans Questions 7(Romans 6:1-7:25)
1.What expression occurs three times in the sixth chapter of Romans (vs. 7,18,22)?
Being free from sin2.According to Romans 6:3-4, what three aspects of Christ does baptism identify the believer in?
His death, burial, and resurrection3.Explain the implications of the use of the word “planted” in Romans 6:5.
 The word "planted" here is literally "united together." Wuestsays the word could be used of Siamese twins. Sandaytranslates it "united by growth" and adds, "The word exactlyexpresses the process by which a graft becomes united withthe life of a tree. So the Christian becomes 'grafted into'Christ." We become vitally united to Him. We share His verylife.
4.Define the term the “body of sin”.
 The body of sin" has been defined as "the instrument forcarrying out sin's orders." W. E. Vine says that the word
"denotes the body as the organic instrument of natural life; itis used here figuratively with that as its essentialsignificance.... In the phrase, 'the body of sin,' then, sin isregarded as an organized power, acting through the membersof the body, though the seat of sin is in the will.
5.What three principles are involved in the concept of deliverance from sin?
A physical principle involved
A moral principle involved
A spiritual principle involved6.What three types of men are discussed in the seventh chapter of Romans?
The spiritual man
The natural man
The carnal man7.Explain why in Romans 7:7-13, when Paul is dealing with the natural man, it is inreference to his life as an unsaved man as opposed to his life after salvation.
In his unconverted days he sought salvation in vain efforts tokeep the law. The law only condemned him. There had tocome a time in his experience when he came utterly to an endof himself and all his own efforts, and he surrenderedcompletely to Christ.

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