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Pergola e-Dyaryo, May-June 2009

Pergola e-Dyaryo, May-June 2009



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Published by m-here
The e-newsletter of SSAA NA East Coast
The e-newsletter of SSAA NA East Coast

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Published by: m-here on May 28, 2009
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May-June 2009
Twenty-Two Years, and Counting!
Steering Committee
Daisy BarawidanLala DavidSherry DavidMarita LegaspiCecile LowlichtSol OcaMike PalileoEmma Villa-Real
Rose ConstantinoGilda Fule-PraelSylvia C.LeonardSalve NeelankavilRonie NievaGiocky OcaLulut Valte
Mike PalileoYvette Jarencio
In July 2009 it will have been 22 years since the birthof St Scholastica’s Alumnae Association East Coast.With the leadership of presidents Daisy Barawidan(1988-1994), Maria Clarissa ”Mike” Palileo (1994-1998), Cecile “Babes” Mandanas-Enrile (1998-1999),Emma Fernandez Villa-Real (2000-2002), Rosario“May” Mayor (2002-2004), Cecile Ungco Sheuerman(2004-2006), and the Steering Committee (2007-present), SSAANA East Coast has worked hard tofulfill its three objectives, namely, renewal of ties withScholastican classmates, networking and exchange of ideas to benefit the Scholastican communities in theUnited States and the Philippines, and sponsorshipand participation in charitable, social, cultural, andeducational activities. SSAANA East Coast has alsobeen instrumental in establishing alumnae chapters inthe United States, Canada, and Australia.Some of the projects that the East Coast chapter hassponsored and supported through the years includefinancial assistance to St Agnes Academy (SSCbranch in Albay) whose gymnasium and library weredestroyed by a typhoon (1988); financial assistance for income-generating activities of the
Sikap Tulong 
 Project of the Social Action Center in SSC Manila;contributions to the scholarship funds of StScholastica’s Research and Development Foundationwhich benefit deserving low-income students (1989-1999); contributions to the Lifeline Team Project of SSAA Manila; donations to the Institute of Women’sStudies in SSC Manila of reference books publishedby the United Nations (1990); sponsorship of aWomen’s Movement lecture in the United Nations;donations to Holy Angel Academy (SSC branch inPampanga) damaged by the eruption of Mt Pinatubo(1994-1995); fundraising to benefit
 A Chair for St Cecilia
(1997-1998); sponsorship of Ma-Yi Productionsin New York including
and Nick Joaquin’s
Portrait of the Artist as Filipino
(1997-1998);sponsorship of golf tournament and dinner dance tobenefit APICHA, the Filipino Children’s Fund, andSSAA East Coast Scholarship Fund (2000);sponsorship of the Quadrille Concert at New York’sPhilippine Center featuring SSC alumnae Della Besa,Ana Maria de Guzman, MaryAnn Armovit, and DeanRaul Sunico (2000); sponsorship of the book launch of 
Myths and Legends of the Philippines
at the PhilippineCenter (2001), co-sponsorship of SSAA Las VegasGrand Reunion (2002) with SSAA Ontario and SSAAWest Coast; and a New York concert
SSAANA Strikesa Chord 
(2008), with proceeds given to the SSAANAScholarship Fund administered by SSAFI Manila.
Sr Jonep Nepomuceno, OSBCelebrates Golden Jubilee of Her Profession
Sr Jonep with Neni Cruz, Daisy Lizaso, Jojo Sangalang
On May 4, 2009, Sr Josefina Nepomuceno, Directressof Holy Family Academy (our SSC branch in AngelesCity, Pampanga), celebrated the Golden Jubilee of her profession as Missionary Benedictine Sister of Tutzingwith a Solemn Mass at Holy Rosary Parish Church inAngeles City. Hundreds of Sr Jonep’s family, friends,and religious from different SSC branches in thePhilippines as well as other religious communitiesattended the Eucharistic celebration. The MostReverend Paciano B. Aniceto, Archbishop of Pampanga, celebrated the Solemn Mass.Agape at the GS covered court of Holy FamilyAcademy followed the Eucharistic celebration. Sr Jonep treated her guests to a sumptuous lunch at HolyFamily followed by song and dance tributes from HolyFamily Academy students, and Powerpointpresentations on her private and community lifecreated by faculty and staff at Holy Angel University(Sr Jonep was President of HAU for ten years). ThePowerpoint video can be googled by typing “Dr Josefina Nepomuceno YouTube” and clicking on thefirst link.Scholastican alumnae who graduated from SSCManila in the 60s and 70s remember Sr Josefina (thenSr Lourdes) as their class teacher, mentor, and highschool principal. In previous years she had served asDirectress of SSC, President of SSC, and Dean of theCollege at SSC Manila.At the request of the Las Vegas host committee, Sr Jonep was chosen by the Manila Priory as guestspeaker at the Second Las Vegas Grand Reunion inJuly 2009.Warmest
to Sr Jonep on a great achievement,the fiftieth anniversary of her profession.
May-June 2009
Waxing Nostalgic: SSAA North America
Looking forward to July 2009
Cecile Mandanas-Enrile
, president of SSAANA in 1998-1999and today a Las Vegas resident, writes:The
Las Vegas Host Committee
was formed to ensure thesuccess of the gala reunion in July. They are all working veryhard, beyond expectations, blending camaraderie, good spirit,and unselfish time and effort with the planning of this reunion.Members are:MONA MISA CLADIS, HS '71ORCHID CRISOLOGO SIDECO, HS '68TERE GUANZON BORJA, HS '64PRICILLA CRUZ ALMONTE, HS '59ELVIRA REYES DE GUZMAN, HS '59
Looking back to 1988
The First SSC Reunion in New York City.
Daisy Barawidan
(HS63) is the woman behind the establishment of the USA AlumnaeAssociation of St. Scholastica’s College in New York. Co-founders were the UN network and alumnae residents of NY andneighboring states. They planned the first ever SSC reunionabroad. The first get-together – Barbizon Hotel in Manhattan -was getting to finally meet as Scholasticans abroad. At this firstreunion, there was exhilaration at the idea of a "homecoming" for the first time outside Manila. The event peaked with the firststrains of "Let's Cheer for St. Scholastica." We were at ahomecoming abroad!From then on official SSAANA yearly-or-so elections of officersand get-togethers were held, SSC being the tie that binds. Yes,too, activities included fundraisers for pet projects (see page 1).The 1988 mailing list (no emails then) grew to some 350 names -all former students, graduates, teachers, and members of theSSC Community who reside in America and who wished torenew ties.The following year alumnae turned up at a buffet dinner at theNusantara for a reprise. By the third year a theme wasdeveloped,
Homecoming in Manila
. Alumnae brought inmemorabilia from school days. Two years later ballroom dancingaficionados came for a dinner-dance in Meadowlands, NewJersey, and the next year a cozier gathering with dancing and adeejay at the Yankee Clipper in South Street Seaport. Yearlyevents have varied over the years including family picnics, golf tournaments, concerts, and retreats. Aside from New York, thecommunity of alumnae has gone regional, in the Bay Area in1985, and in Ontario in 1991. The groups have continued to growin their various initiatives and activities. By 2002 all chapters joined forces in an
SSC Grand Alumnae Reunion
held in Ballys,Las Vegas. The theme was “Unity and Outreach.” Guest speaker 
Sr. Fe Andrea Collantes
(Sr. Andy to her students) said in theSisters' Priory Bulletin: “Wish you were in Bally’s Hotel to seeScholasticans of different ages, shapes and sizes, andprofessions… See how they have grown… See how they havematured … to hear their laughter and girlish shrieks whichbrought a hotel security officer standing in red alert before Jo AnnLara’s suite where the hellos and how-are-you sessions lastedfrom early evening to almost midnight!”In 2002, then SSC College President
Sr. Josefina (Jonep)Nepomuceno
’s opening greeting to this “incomparable,memorable and unpredictable grand reunion” bespeaks her joyand admiration of SSC’s expat alumnae.Erstwhile mother hen Daisy Barawidan couldn’t help but declarethat these “phenomenal women” plan to continue to expand theunity and outreach vision.
it’s time for the 2009 grand reunion and …
Las Vegas, here they come!!!
****Las Vegas in 2002Planning Vegas 2002 MemoriesWorkshop OrganizersPlenary Plen’y o’Fun
July 9-12, 2009Bally’s Las Vegas Hotel and SpaRegistration/payment deadline:Extended to JUNE 10, 2009.
 For details, please go to
May-June 2009
by Salve Pena Neelankavil 
“I wake up early in the morning to realize that it is not the usual day. I am retired. I don’t know how to spend the day. I pass sometime with the newspaper and rest watching TV. By then my grandkids come back from school. I plan to go out with the family but everyone is tired and they all have their own set of work todo. I have no other place to go but to dig myself into those philosophical books. The day is over and I am back to my bed towelcome another day of loneliness, loss, frustration and grief.Retired is being twice tired, I thought: First tired of working, thentired of not.” 
Richard Armour 
This is the Life after Retirement 
The accomplished Neelankavils (2009)
According to three retirees that I interviewed during my trip toIndia in February 2009, there is so much more to retired life thanthat described by Richard Armour. Below is a summary of myinterviewees’ reflections.
 Archie McMullen
retired as Senior Administrator, New Delhi,India:I was born up in the Himalayan Hills, surrounded by lush greenforests of oak and evergreen pine and firs. I spent my childhoodin the majestic snow-covered Chokhamba, Bandarpoonch,Neelkanth, and a whole range of Himalayan peaks. I retired in acrowded city in Delhi, North India. Living in a flat land surroundedby a concrete jungle falls short of life in the open country.I often wandered before retirement what I would be doing. I hadno pension plan and neither did India provide for social security.The Lord has blessed my life with good things. Being involved athome and at church helps me maintain a healthy body, alertmind, and soul. Retired life is bliss! This is the time to reflect,relax, refresh, recharge, revive, renew, and rediscover oneself.One has to create a beautiful life around it.
There is no setguideline to follow, only you can shape your “new life”
. Youwill be fully occupied with no idle time. Someone said, “When aman is alone with his own soul, undisturbed by the excitement of external things, his thoughts, unless he is beset by some violentpassion, will lead him back to God.”Statistics show that a great number of retirees die within the firstyear of their retired life as they do not follow their bliss to keepthem occupied. Therefore as a retiree:Engage your gifts, talents and skills.Do all those things you love.Enjoy the company of those you love.Spend time visiting people and places you have dreamed of.Utilize and put into practice your hobbies,
cooking,painting, gardening, golf, swimming, bridge.Work as a volunteer with social, health, and other philanthropic groups and agencies.Above all, keep your faith to be filled with His grace all thetime.
Geo Paul 
retired as Director, Jute Research, Kolkata, India:During the time I worked (35 years), apart from professional andsocial engagements there was no time for anything else. Once Iretired and was assured of a pension which covered our basicneeds, there was no need to work for money any more. This wasa time for me to sit back and relax, to count my blessings andthank God for them, to forgive those who have hurt me and prayfor them, to re-establish lost contacts with friends from timespast, to participate in distance education programs, to read bookson various topics, to listen to music, to meditate and pray, and tostay active physically, walking and engaging in other forms of exercise. One has to take care of one’s body with regular check-ups, treatments, and procedures as needed. One does not needto be anxious about the future, God will take care of it. You canget involved in the church and participate in service activities,visit the sick, especially people who are bed-ridden and confinedto the house, hospitals, and senior citizen communities. Possiblythere was not much time while working to spend with one'schildren—one can compensate that with grandparenting,watching sports together, reading with and to your grandchildren,being available whenever help and support is needed. Initiatethem into a wide variety of activities, refine their value system,sow seeds of creativity, share in their joys and sorrows, be asafety net when they fall, tend to their bruised feelings as you doto their scraped knees. To grow old is a privilege, andgrandparenting is a blessing!
Rosely Plumhoff 
retired as Director, Red Cross, Gembke,Germany.I had made up my mind to retire at the age of 58 (in 2002). InGermany one retires at the age of 65. Even though I liked thework of caring for the sick (my lifelong profession), lately theresponsibilities had begun to weigh me down. I was soexhausted physically and mentally. Early retirement meantreceiving less pension; I wondered if I could live on “less.” Iwanted to have more time to live and I was cognizant that Iwouldn’t be happy just sitting at home. I didn’t know what itmeant to just enjoy your time or relax.Even before I stopped working, I conceptualized a project which Ihad wanted to develop after my retirement. I wanted to set up a“Hospice,” the first in Gembke, Germany. I was involved in theplanning, hiring, fund raising, and managing of its operation. Iworked tirelessly on this project, working pro bono for 7 years.Despite the politics involved and carrying heavier responsibilities,I received a lot of satisfaction because it allowed me to be withpeople during their last days of life and to comfort their relativesto make their loss less painful and anxious. I fostered theatmosphere of love and concern.Now I am slowly reducing my long days since this project is doingwell. I am disentangling myself from the active, busy working life.I have come to realize that I was tired of the intrigues and that Ineeded more rest and more time to pursue my interests, tospend more time with my three grandchildren. I am not scaredthat I won’t have enough to do to keep myself busy. I will try toenjoy my life and live a fulfilled life.

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