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Confidence in God.

Confidence in God.

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Published by glennpease

They that know thy name will put their trust in
thee; for thou,Lord, hast not forsaken them
that seek thee. PSALM ix. 10.

They that know thy name will put their trust in
thee; for thou,Lord, hast not forsaken them
that seek thee. PSALM ix. 10.

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Published by: glennpease on Aug 07, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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COFIDECE I GOD.BY JAMES SMITHThey that know thy name will put their trust inthee; for thou,Lord, hast not forsaken themthat seek thee. PSALM ix. 10.THE book of Psalms is prized by every real be-liever, because it contains such a clear, full, andrefreshing account of the Christian's experience.Here the footsteps of the flock may_ be plainlytraced out. Here the spiritual pilgrim may finda companion to the celestial city, let him be inwhat part of the road he may. " Here the triedsaint will find one who can sympathize with himin all his trials, and discover that no temptationhath taken him but such as is common to man.We naturally turn to this book in dark days,and expect to find refreshment and solace in itin trying times. It is like that river, the streamswhereof make glad the city of God, the holyplace of the tabernacles of the Most High. Itis like Israel's pillar-cloud, which gives light bynight, and affords a refreshing shade by day. Itis like the manna that fell for forty years in thedesert, it suits every believer let his age, experi-ence, taste, or acquirements be what they may.Blessed book, it has been a source of comfort tothe Lord's people in every age ! Most blessedSpirit, who indited, preserved, and presented thisprecious volume to us, to thy name be eternalx>raise.220 COFIDECE I GOD.
Let us look at the ground of a believer's con-fidence in God. The divine name. This in-cludes the nature and perfections of God, buthas especial reference to the character He hasacquired among men. He has a name for power.Power to which all things are possible, all thingsare easy. Power over all minds, power over allmatter. Power engaged for his people's safety,power employed to do them good. Power thatworks within them, and power that rules allaround them. He has. a name for wisdom. Wis-dom which baffles the crafty designs of theirfoes, and overrules all things for their real ad-vantage. Wisdom which is infinite in its nature,and constantly employed for their welfare. Wis-dom which can extricate them from every diffi-culty, and make even the counsels of their foessubserve their best interests. He has a namefoi* grace. Grace which acts freely, sovereignly,and always effectually. Grace which drew theplan of their salvation, arranged all the agenciesnecessary, and infallibly secures the end it hasin view. Grace which sympathizes with the un-worthy, works for the ill-deserving, and savesthe basest of mankind. Grace which can alwaysfind a motive in itself, and which never turns adeaf ear to the poor and miserable of mankind.He has a name for sympathy. His soul wasgrieved for the afflictions of backsliding Israel.In all their afflictions he was afflicted, and theangel of his presence saved them ; in his loveand in his pity he redeemed them ; and he boreCOFIDECE I GOD, 221them, and carried them all the days of old. Hereis sympathy exquisitely tender. The sympathyof God. The sympathy which he continually
exercises towards his beloved people, throughJesus his beloved Son. Sweet thought this, Godtakes my misery to heart. My suft'erings affecthis tender, loving nature. Israel's groans inEgypt,brought him down into the bush at Horeb : andthe groans of many an afflicted saint, have broughthim down into the chamber of affliction and sor-row. He has a name for faithfulness. He is thefaithful God. He keepeth covenant and mercyunto a thousand generations. He never failedone of his people in distress, or violated onepromise of his word. Therefore, the Apostlecould so confidently say, " Faithful is he thathath promised, who also will do it." Does heafflict ns ? It is in faithfulness. Does he deliverus ? It is in the performance of his faithful word." He is immutable, and immutability is the charac-teristic of all his perfections, and is stamped onevery letter of his name. He is in one mind andwho can turn him ? What right-minded personwould wish to do so ? God's name then includeshis power, wisdom, grace, sympathy, faithfulness,and immutability ; and these combined, form theground of our confidence in him.But his name must be known, before hecan be trusted. I can trust an unseen person,but I cannot trust an unknown one. The know-ledge of God, is essential to confidence in God.How is he then made known? o one can re-222 .COFIDECE I GOD.veal Mm to us so as to affect our hearts, controlour wills, and bring our souls to exercise confi-dence in him but the Holy Spirit. He is thegreat Manifester of God to the soul of man. Wemust be taught of God, before we can really

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