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Nothing Too Hard for God.

Nothing Too Hard for God.

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There is nothing too hard for thee. JER. xxxii. 17.

There is nothing too hard for thee. JER. xxxii. 17.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Aug 07, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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OTHIG TOO HARD FOR GOD.BY JAMES SMITHThere is nothing too hard for thee. JER. xxxii. 17.JEREMIAH had to predict the long captivity of Israel and Judah, then he was directed to makea purchase in the land that was to be laid deso-late, and having done what the Lord commandedhim, deeply affected, he retired to pcur out hisheart before the throne of his grace. Prayerfits us for our most arduous duties, and is asweet relief when duty has been performed. Wenever prize the throne of grace, as we do whenour hearts are overcharged with grief and sor-row, and no one but our heavenly Father cangive us relief. How deep the devotion, howsolemn the reverence manifested by this prophet." Oh ! Lord God, behold, thou hast made theheaven, and the earth by thy great power andstretched out arm, and there is nothing too hardfor thee." God's glorious works reveal his na-ture, and while they excite our admiration, theyshould strengthen our faith, and draw out oursouls in prayer. Meditations on his greatnessshould lead us to appeal to his goodness. Whenwe see what he can do, we should inquire whathe has promised to do, and then go and pleadwith him to do for us according to his word.There is nothing too hard for him. The appeal isto his understanding and his strength.362 ]s6xflIG TUO 'HM.U> FOB, GOD.There is nothing too difficult for God to dis-cover. His eyes ai-e in every place : beholding
the evil and the good. othing can elude hisnotice, or escape his eye. All things are nakedand open before him with whom we have to do.He discovers the true state of every heart,though the heart is deceitful above all things,and desperately wicked. Every heart lies bareand expo-sed before him. He fathoms its depths.He turns over its intricate folds. He analyzesits dismal contents. He is fully acquainted withevery principle that influences it, with everythought that arises within it, with every wordand work that proceeds from it. o one canhide his heart in secret from the Lord. He dis-covers the winding course of the life. How fewpursue a straitforward course. How apt we areto start aside like a broken bow. In lookingback we can see what strange turns, what mys-terious windings there has been in our paths.We scarcely saw them, or were not much affectedby what we saw at the time, although the mostpainful or pleasant events of our life dependedon them. But the Lord saw the whole, andwhile he disapproved of our wandering disposi-tion, he often came forward to prevent our ruin,and to overrule the most untoward, events forour welfare. He discovers the true cause of ourlow estate. We cannot fully or certainly. Some-times we are ready to ascribe it to divinesovereignty, and sometimes to human respon-sibility, and sometimes partly to the one andOTHIG TOO HARD FOE GOD. 363partly to the other. That the blessed Spirit isgrieved with us there can be no doubt, but theexact cause of it we do not perceive. But it isfully knowa to the Lord ; we may therefore goto him in childlike simplicity, tell him how we
feel, appeal to his knowledge of the cause, ask him to discover it, and graciously to deliver usfrom it. He -discovers the occasion of our doubtsand fears. There is nothing in God's character,or in Christ's most precious Gospel, to lead usto doubt or fear, but just the reverse, and yetdoubts and fears harass and torment us. Whyis it? Perhaps the Lord only fully knows. Theremay be something physical that has to do with,it. There may be something infernal. atureand Satan may unite to lead us thus to disho-nour God. Distrust is the root of them. Dis-trust of God's gracious word, or of his faithful-ness to make it good. This is our easily besettingsin. This is the cause of more than half ourtroubles. for confidence in God ! His eye isupon the course pursued by every member of his Church. His eye tracts us into our domesticcircle and our closets ; his eye follows us into ourbusiness, our society, and our pleasures. Henotices our preferences, and our neglects ; ourresistance to sin, or yielding to temptations.He approves or disapproves of every motive,word, or action, that passes before his omniscienteye. He discovers the work and the design of Satan. He keeps his eye upon his people's grandfoe. However quietly the serpent may move t364 OTHIG TOO HA11D FOR GOD.however deceitfully lie may lay his snares, theLord is privy to the whole. Here lies our safety.The Lord is our keeper, and he that keepeth usneither slumbers nor sleeps.There is nothing too hard for God to effect. " Iknow that thou canst do every thing." " Is anything too hard for me, saith the Lord ?" " He

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