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Americans Are Calling Their Senators

Americans Are Calling Their Senators

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Published by Roy Tanner
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Published by: Roy Tanner on Aug 07, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Americans are calling their senators, attending town halls, and signing the petitionto defund Obamacare.Can't read this email? Click here. 
Fellow Conservatives:Thank you for helping us launch the"Don't Fund Obamacare"petition. Pressure is now building to stop theimplementation of Obamacarebefore enrollment begins on October 1st.People are calling their senators andshowing up at town hall meetingsacross the nation.
In an early show of strength, over 250,000 Americans have now signedthe national petition to defund Obamacare.
 And we're just getting started.
 U.S. Senators Mike Lee (R-UT) and
Ted Cruz (R-TX) are working hard to grow our numbers.In fact, these two conservative champions will appear in radio and TV ads allacross the country.Watch the TV ads here. Mike Lee says the law is unfair because President Obama has exempted bigbusinesses while middle class Americans will be forced to comply. And Ted Cruz highlights how eventhe Democrats are running awayfrom Obamacare.We can win this, but we must forceRepublicans to take a stand. 
 The Republican-controlled House should pass legislation to fund the entiregovernment EXCEPT for Obamacare. Then, Senate Republicans MUST holdthe line with 41 votes and defeat any bill that funds Obamacare.If Republicans do this, President Obama will falsely accuse them of threatening a government shutdown. But truthfully, only he controls whether toshut down the government just to implement his failed law.
We must go straight to the American people and win the argument in
order to sustain the willpower to stop Obamacare funding.
This is where you can make a big difference.
We also need you to keepcontacting the Republican senatorswho have not pledged to opposefunding for Obamacare -- even if they aren't from your state. And don't let them mislead you. If they haven't signed Mike Lee'sletter, they haven't pledged to do anything meaningful to stop Obamacare.Republicans in Washington need to know this:
If they vote to FUND Obamacare, they're FOR Obamacare. And if they're FOR Obamacare, they're AGAINST us!
 If we don't stop this law NOW, millions of Americans will lose their healthcoverage, many will be forced to pay higher taxes, and hundreds of thousandswill lose their jobs.There are fewer than 60 days left before enrollment begins. Please help ussend a message to Washington it can't ignore.The message is simple:
Fund the government. Don't fund Obamacare

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