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Terms & Conditions NABL

Terms & Conditions NABL

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Published by Pandit Ji

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Published by: Pandit Ji on Aug 07, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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NABL 131
ISSUE NO : 05 AMENDMENT NO : 04ISSUE DATE: 02.11.2005 AMENDMENT DATE: 01.03.2008
National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories
Doc. No: NABL 131 Terms & Conditions for Maintaining NABL AccreditationIssue No: 05 Issue Date: 02.11.2005 Last Amend No: 04 Amend Date: 01.03.2008 Page No: i
SlnoPageNo.ClauseNo.Date of  Amendment Amendment made Reasons SignatureQMSignatureDirector 
1 1/ 43/ 44 (b)14 (h)30.03.2006 Word ‘logo’ changedto ‘symbol’Word ‘logo’ changedto ‘NABL symbol’Correction Sd/- Sd/-2 2/ 4 10 08.02.2007 Word ‘satisfactoryreplaced by‘unsatisfactory’Correction Sd/- Sd/-3 1/ 4 1 01.03.2008 ‘ISO 15189’ changedto ‘ISO 15189:2007’Implementationof new standardSd/- Sd/-4 3/ 4 12 a. 01.03.2008 NABL 214 changedto NABL 100NABL 214 iswithdrawn &contents coveredin NABL 100Sd/- Sd/-5678910
National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories
Doc. No: NABL 131 Terms & Conditions for Maintaining NABL AccreditationIssue No: 05 Issue Date: 02.11.2005 Amend No: 03 Amend Date: 01.03.2008 Page No: 1/ 4
Terms & Conditions forMaintaining NABL Accreditation
(To be submitted to NABL along with the application form)
The Testing/ Calibration laboratories that have been granted NABL accreditation shall be requiredto fulfill the following terms and conditions:
The laboratory shall carry out its testing/ calibration activities in such a way as to meet therequirements of ISO/ IEC 17025: 2005 or ISO 15189:2007 which ever is applicable and relevant NABLspecific criteria.2.
The accreditation shall be initially granted for a period of two years and shall be subject to an on-sitesurveillance within one year of grant of accreditation in the first cycle of accreditation and are-assessment before the end of two years, for which the laboratory shall apply six months before theexpiry of accreditation. Thereafter NABL shall conduct re-assessment every two years and shall besubjected to other surveillance activities.3.
The laboratory shall offer to NABL or its representative cooperation in:a.
 Access to all testing and calibration areas.b.
Undertaking any check to verify testing/calibration capability of the laboratory.c.
Witnessing the testing/calibration being performed relevant to accreditation.d.
 Access of all relevant information and documentation.e.
 Access to those documents that provide insight into the level of independence and impartiality tothe laboratory from its related bodies, if applicable.f.
 Access to all records and relevant personnel.g.
Providing names of all authorised signatories who are responsible for authenticity and issue of test/calibration certificates/ reports.4.
On grant of accreditation, the laboratory shall:a.
Claim accreditation in only those premises, fields/ facility, disciplines, tests/ calibrations for which ithas been accredited (as stated in Accreditation Certificate).b.
Use NABL symbol on its letterheads, test/ calibration reports and any other relevant documents.Symbol shall be used for the purpose of identifying correctly and unambiguously its test/ calibrationservices accredited by NABL. The laboratory shall abide by the guidelines for use of NABL symbol(refer NABL 133).c.
Not use test/ calibration reports nor any part thereof in a misleading manner.d.
Not state its accreditation in a manner as to be considered misleading or unauthorised and bringNABL to disrepute.e.
Ensure that no part of its test/ calibration report is used by its clients, or be authorised by its clientsfor use, for promotional or publicity purposes in any way that NABL may consider to be misleading.Signature of Chief Executive or his Authorised Representative

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