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SUPER-MIND SuperMindSuccess 8 Pages

SUPER-MIND SuperMindSuccess 8 Pages



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Published by James Holmes
Joe Schroeder's latest and perhaps greatest training program. Unlock the mystery and power of your subconcious mind with the study of Super Mind. This is a taste of what you will learn in this $97 program, which include two Joe Schroeder audio CDs plus a massive content rich "Super-Mind" workbook.
Joe Schroeder's latest and perhaps greatest training program. Unlock the mystery and power of your subconcious mind with the study of Super Mind. This is a taste of what you will learn in this $97 program, which include two Joe Schroeder audio CDs plus a massive content rich "Super-Mind" workbook.

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Published by: James Holmes on Jan 26, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Worlds Most Important Phone #
What You Give Away You Always Get To Keep.”
(24 Hrs) 1-800-772-9781 EXT: 40
Recorded Landmark Decree into 1,000,000 Lives
Sow. Share. Reap. Harvest. Rinse. Repeat.
Page 2Share and Test The New Sage. Teach Your Initiate Sage’s The Language of Increase & Forward Speak
The Language of Forever. The Language of Our Focus Society.
The connection of the subconscious into the Infinite. It’s a
systematic technique 
empowering the SUBCONSCIOUS mind that then promotes the automatic natureof your natural SELF to bring you to more ease, calm, prosperity and more life.
(N.) >[ ME: Latin. Sapere, to be wise] One who is veneratedfor experience, wisdom and calm judgment. One with self.
Crew Training :
In 1911, Charles Haanel (The Master Key) used the word “crew” and “captain”loosely, by way of describing the relationship between the conscious and subconscious minds.You became the (the Captain) who dictates desires, motivation and terms to the (Crew) subcon-scious. Later, in 1964, Dr. Joseph Murphy, in his landmark best seller that sold over 1,000,000copies,
“Power of the Subconscious Mind,”
he used the expression, “Crew Training” moreextensively. Both books are readily available at any book store and we recommend the Murphybook be on every New Millionaires night table.Captain =
Conscious Min
or the = Reasoning mind.Crew = Subjective (servant)
subconscious mind 
which takes orders from the CaptainCrew Training = Technique and application (meditation) to manifest desires of will.
Prosperity Consciousness :
This is when you actually believe that the Universe and all who inhabit this earth plane, now and in the past, are here to support you.It’s also considered “weight loss for the mind,” in that you lose any aggressiveness. Plus, the egoof “them against us”
and you gently begin to become one with nature; who is waitingto respond to your
Not hard and usually takes a month or two of meditation.
Soldiers of Prosperity:
This is our word for “family.” To us, family is the world coming together“as one” when needed. Family is love, just as the law of attraction is thelaw of love.You simply become an attraction. Families are troops. We fight for each other. Families are“post-it notes” as in we
stick together 
and fight for each other.
Pioneer Doer:
Any Sage who can command SELF to such a degree that they live a life thatgives evidence to their words, ideals and what they believe in. Which requirespractice and a studio like ours to establish
repetition into excellence.
Why? Simply because most people work in an environment that only tolerates them, versusone that celebrates them. Does your lifestyle reflect what you said you would ”do” three or fouryears ago? If not, why not?
Wisdom School:
Our live work-shops and “Aladdin's Lamp” live rehearsal studio. (Monthly)
Theatre of Prosperity:
This is our Master Benefactor re-seller program. After you fall in the love withthe $97 SUPER-MIND “how-to” course, you can become a re-seller for $2,041. Each sale earns you$1,000 personally
and then 
$500 each time your own personal network shares one.
** Our own Benefactor, the late great Charles Haanel, called the
 —“The Theatre of Prosperity!” 
Glossary of Terms
** Theatre of Prosperity
($2,041) includes:
6 audio CD + Live Coaching + “Alpha Code” Manual + Seminar Coupon.
Some People Ask…
“What Does The Subconscious Do?”
It ties your shoes, drives you home after work and is the location of EASE & PERFECTION. Because of this and of which Napoleon Hill (“You Can Perform Miracles Too”) called, Cosmic Habit-Force, after ahabit has been rehearsed long enough, nature
into the subconscious
and SELF performsthat “habit”
without struggle
and in fact, then becomes an automatic response to energy &
Examples would be any Millionaire who can re-build again and again even after they lose it all. How?Because the SUBCONSCIOUS has been “set” to wealth. All of John Lennon’s songs were located and“found” through his oneness (Super-Mind) with SELF as is
Tiger Woods,
all subconscious.
What gets planted into the conscious eventually falls into the “sub” which then becomes cosmic habitforce.
Here’s another example:
Poor people rehearse and speak about —all day long—what they don’thave and they “sob story” until kingdom come and therefore because the weaker class multiplies theirLACK in their minds all day long, more of same becomes their habit. The poor
of mind
always get poorer.
Most people have little respect or knowledge of their hidden Genie of the mind. That’s because the MINDis issued to all at birth —–FREE and as such, most don’t respect
or even notice
what is given on the house.Plus, to
into your
what you
can’t see yet,
like Elvis, Einstein and Steven Jobsdid, is an “agony” of focus that most people whine, “not for me.” Too bad. Don’t guys know that amind half used (50%) is a life only
half (50%)
It’s When Smart Becomes The New Sexy
It’s Literally About Assuming the Nature and Consciousness of your goal
The subconscious remembers phone numbers for you. It cleanses your intestines 24/7 and never sleeps. Itrepairs your “ooopsies” and patches your cut up knees. Plus, if you speak nicely to it, nice things show up.
The game is to speak to your
just before your date with the sandman each p.m. Why?Because the mind-chatter of the conscious is about to fall asleep. While the conscious mind does sleep, whatyour PROGRAM into your subconscious has all night of “free reign” to settle into your habit-force.
Your conscious brain uses
what Mom used to teach you and
what happened to you
years agoto make a decision. However, if wooed properly, the subconscious is connected to ALL that IS and has noperception of less than perfect. ONE MIND created the Grand Canyon, controls the oceans and can also beyour Aladdin's lamp and make you ten feet tall and bullet proof. The game is to re-program yourself.
The subconscious needs no justifying proof because what is found (awareness & intuition) is instant allenlightenment. What’s found in the subconscious just “IS” and
 requires no evidence.
This is where
said he “saw” his music
and how
all great artists and poets—and the rich—–
explain their ability.
The natural flow of the Universe is BE + DO = Have. Those who learn to assume the MIND of what theywant (which is light years beyond goal setting) use the same energy that makes the oak tree
an oak tree.
The massive OAK never “does” pine tree because its been
by habit-force to always “do” oak tree.This distinction
the rich from the poor and dictates, “You can never have, possess or even “do”beyond what you were not first AWARE of 
and conscious
of BEING. Elvis was Elvis before he was Elvisand everything CAESAR did you can do better! The POWERFUL were, early on, AWARE of their ability
Page 3
Get the free eBook,
Just ask for it. That’s all you ever have to do.

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