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Nonessential Anton Long

Nonessential Anton Long

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Published by Atazothnashaas
Anton Long
Christos Beest
09a Legion
Anton Long
Christos Beest
09a Legion

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Published by: Atazothnashaas on Aug 08, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The NonEssential Anton Long
Being Some Esoteric Scribblings by Anton Longof Thee Sinister Order of Nine Angles Thingy IntroductionSinister Mastery – A Sinister Précis
To aspire to – to gain – Mastery of The Dark Arts is
to experience
, and to learnthe lessons of self-honesty and self-control; to strive, to dream, to quest, toexceed expectations. To move easily, gracefully, from the Light to the Dark,from Dark to Light, until one exists between yet beyond both, treating them(and yourself) for the imposters they (and you) are.
Mundane or Sinister?The Standards of The Sinister Way 
So, you want to join us? You want to become one of the sinister few? Part of our sinister Order of Nine Angles family? One of those who understand – whoknow – mundanes for the expendable resource they are. One of those whoknows or who feels, in a wordless way in their very being, that we can be farmore than we are; one of those who knows, who understands, or who feels, in awordless way in their very being, that all laws, past and present, arerestrictions – a means of mundane control, devised and implemented bymundanes in a mundane attempt to prevent we sinister few from turning ourlives into a succession of ecstasies. One of those defiant ones who would rather
Order of Nine Angles - The NonEssential Anton Long1 of 59Order of Nine Angles
die than submit, and who understands that words are a means, not theessence.Know then that you have to prove and test yourself – taking yourself to andbeyond your physical and emotional and moral limits. If you succeed, fine. If  you fail – no excuses, you failed. You can try again, and again, until yousucceed. Or you can accept the truth – that failure makes you, marks you, asmundane. No excuses. Are you, then, ready to test yourself? To defy, to overcome? To be heretical? Iso, here are the challenges. Here are the minimal standards you must meet tobecome of us, to join us. And if you do not desire to so test yourself, to meet,to surpass, the standards, we set – then go elsewhere. If you somehow in someway want to debate or to dispute these standards of ours, then you can goelsewhere.
We are not interested in your excuses, your mundane words – for these areminimal entry standards for our traditional sinister nexions.
For you to join us– for you to become a member of our sinister elite, to become a genuineInitiate of our Seven-Fold Sinister Way – you have to undertake the following.
Physical Standards
Train for and undertake all three of the following physical tasks – theabsolute
standards (for men) are: (a) walking thirty-twomiles, in hilly terrain, in under seven hours while carrying a pack weighing at least 30 lbs; (b) running twenty-six miles in four hours;(c) cycling two hundred or more miles in twelve hours. [Those whohave already achieved such goals in such activities should setthemselves more demanding goals.] For women, the minimumacceptable standards are: (a) walking twenty-seven miles in underseven hours while carrying a pack weighing at least 15 lbs. (b)running twenty-six miles in four and a half hours; (c) cycling onehundred and seventy miles in twelve hours.If you cannot achieve all these minimal standards – you failed.
Mental Standards
Construct and learn to play both the basic and the advanced StarGame.If you cannot do this – you failed.
Moral Standards
Order of Nine Angles - The NonEssential Anton Long2 of 59Order of Nine Angles
Find, and test (according to our sinister guidelines) a suitablemundane, and then cull that mundane.If you cannot do this – you failed.
Heretical Standards
Become, for a minimum of six months, a public advocate of one othe following modern heresies – radical (Jihadi) Islam, or National-Socialism or Eco-Anarchism or so-called "Holocaust Denial".If you cannot do this – or fail to understand why these are genuinemodern heresies – you failed.
 No excuses; no debates. You are either of us, or you are mundane.
121 Year of Fayen
BaeldracaFrom Causal to Acausal Terror Some Questions for Anton Long
There seemed, a whiles back now, to be some dissent within the ONA – or rather, among those associated with the ONA – about the direction the ONAseemed to be taking, and I’m thinking here of matters like the issue of sinister tribes, and the influx of young people, some with a bad ass attitude. Thisseemed to involve people “taking sides” on certain issues, and some peopleleaving. What’s your take on this?
 As I wrote not that long ago to a seeker - ” There is no conflict, only theappearance of conflict,” because the conflict, esoterically, such as it was and is,and probably will be again, is in many ways not only both a test and a problemarising from causal thinking, but also an opportunity. A test of character, forthem, and a problem to be solved by an acausal understanding, part of whichis Aeonic perspective. An opportunity to learn, to overcome, and thence tochange one’s self.Understood exoterically, such conflict has its genesis in the way of the ego and
Order of Nine Angles - The NonEssential Anton Long3 of 59Order of Nine Angles

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