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ananda bosman - sacred intergeometry virtual vector modelling of the monatomic universe

ananda bosman - sacred intergeometry virtual vector modelling of the monatomic universe



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Published by Prashanth

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Published by: Prashanth on Aug 08, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dear Dan,
Here then is the rough sketch response to your query about Vortexijah. Aprofessional Vortexijah page is also in the works which will give added perspectives and logick to the basic technique (explored from an entirely different angle to this missive).Here, however is an exciting perspective on it for modelling monatomic spaces and hyperspacein general. Since this has been constructed in the last week, over 30 hours of work in making theanimations, and then web animating them (a corrected and clarified version will follow).I apologise for the incompletenes of this peice at present, but it should give an notion of what wemean, and there is much more to come, but have had no time to work it into a shareable form,which I paste now into part two.(best viewed in 640 x 480 or 800 x 600 res)
 Inaugurated by a question from Dan Winter to Ananda
 All animations by Ananda, except background in animation 2 and 3, by Dan WinterAnimamation and text © copyright 2000, by ATON VASE DA, NorwayDear Dan I enjoy and find your push here always useful and appreciated, and I realise that I havenot had the time as yet, for making the absolutely essential technical papers on the Vortexijahmodels for the internet, these will gradually be forthcoming (I have not had any sponsorship toenable the required time for putting down on paper these models in the required referencedprotocol et al, and hence its birth comes gradually where space allows, and time unfolds intosuch descriptions).Our work overlap occurs with the Phoenix and Dove breath components of the Vortexijah, thatmarry at the heart in the Vortexijah protocol (these, Vortex pyramids in the animations, modelledwith your PHI algorithms, as you know and show, can also be modelled by dodecahedrons,although their asymmetry is not biased to any one of the symmetrical solids, as I hardly need torelay to you, for the benefit of anyone else who may read this). They are instigated from theMidpoint of the heart, by Consciousness first, naturally.Your own Dodeca body spin, hence, will nicely symbios with this component. But there areother synergetics which connect them in a more profound manner (at least it appears that wayfrom my present stance therein), in our intergeometrical approach, at modelling the monatomicsuperconductive sonic wave exteriorisation from the Palladium and other monatomic Platinumgroup elements in the heart of the DNA et al.
In the Vortexijah protocol withiUnity Self Sphere of geometricalWithin the more advanced levelswithin this alchemically weddedSomanetics (part 2b) and the Dapart 3.Herein, we enact the dodecahedrand homing into this relationshidodecahedron follow in animateThe animation of which is inclu-64 X-axis position, and then 4 dmake 5 cubes into the dodeca). IVortexijah Wheels (here they ar
 the Diamond Body trainings, we always beginand intergeometrical synthesis, local and non-lof Vortexijah training we explore the multipleSphere of Spirit and matter, shared to some degk Room (part 2) launch pads, but especially inon 5 intercubic explorations, starting from the(more simplified stages that comprise this 5 inform).ed in the projections I gave you: 5 Grail vehicluplicates at 72° on the Y axis (exactly the samedo not recall if I also gave you the dodeca versiin gif, just in case)with the perfectocal marriage.symmetriesree within theiamond Bodyirtual Sphereercubics, starting at theprocedure toon of the
Why the intercubic version? I hahypercube (usually modelled lik that is, and too simplified to be pin VR-7 mode, et al), but also toThe intercube base is also at thefluctuational Wheels models.It is their respective simplicity, tUnified Complexity, ahead.ve some very specific reasons, apart from modea 2D cube would appear to us, from a Hypersractical for valuable multi-dimensional navigatibegin 3D modelling of monatomic domains.
heart foundation, or the skeleton core, of the Voat will enable us to navigate through the Monalling more than aatial perspectiveng shamanism,rtexijah Virtualomverse of 

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