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ananda bosman - the diamond body

ananda bosman - the diamond body

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Published by Prashanth

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Published by: Prashanth on Aug 08, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Copyright © 1999 & 2000, bycopyright © 1995,1998, 1999, 2First released in English in t 
(Light Body Training) is?
What is a Light Bodultraviolet. And the more infrareIf we were to have an optimumreferring to the light body the cophysicallity, to photons, which abringing the electrons
the pwhich we are sure will be the nethe West, science and Spirit com
OND BODY Elraanis Magazine Interview
 Ananda®, all rights reserved. All pictures and000, by Ananda® and protected by internationahe
Grail Zine
March 2000. Interview by ElraaDecember 1998.
tor, Herbert Reinig):
Can You explain a little
y, first of all. Our whole body contains micro liwe have, the more healthy we are.uantity of infrared we could potentially be immmmon way, which is to convert your electrons,re particles of light, thus into laser. We are talkiotons, the electricity
the light, to asupercoword for enlightenment in the modern age, we back together.animations arel copyright lawsis magazine
 bit what a LBT 
ht, soft light,ortal. We are notlectricity, theng aboutducting state,ere the East and
We are focussing on bringing thanother density or another vibratfrequency is a wave flow betweehigh, it is always part of the 3rdspatial dimension: a "forth spatiaIn order to go there one has to gTaoists, or the Ku to the Mayansway to pass in such a vacuum wione's body completely unified.flowing, it is not moving.Ananda with his Dark Room s
 Does the light have a direction?
It has collapsed to zinfinite speed, at the same time hown Sphere.This Spimmortality, the Atum vehicle abody to non-locality, into a actual other spatialion (because anything that is vibration is still eln two poles. And that is within this dimension,imension, although it may be invisible) but ratl dimension".in what is called non-locality in science, or the, the Void, the grand nothing and everythingnesthout being "vacuum cleaned" is to make the fie call this Unity Light Body. Every light is uniudent Taoist teacher Mantak Chia discus Dark Diamond BodyrO and infinity. So it is touching everything ataving touched zerO. So it makes its own zerO, ihere is shown in the Egyptian cultures as the ved in the Bodhisattva tradition as the Chakra Vadimension. Notctronflow, and
no matter hower a whole otherTao to thes. And the onlylds of ied. It is notooms and thehe same time atts own ball, itshicle of ra,
theimperishable Diamond Body.poetic terms you could say it is a
Can one learn it?
It can be reminded.the universe. We are constantlyinfra-red is being created from nunderstood.If we think of nothingWe are rather talking about zerOLaotze, the great Taoist, called "In the LBT (Light Body Trainincenters of the body. The body haendocrine glands, now commonlglands with seven measurable voIt is all dimensions, all universes, but cannot bn interdimensional passport.t is this that we all came from, the foundation oreated from it inside our life code. In the DNAthing. But that nothing is not the nothing as it ie think of blackness, of darkness, but this is ag, with no movement at all. It is absolutely still.he sound of silence".) we are teaching, or reminding, how to connecs seven nervous energy plexi, vortexes that feey known as the Chakra's from the East. But thertexes, and they are produced from what we calcaught. In
f all life, of allconstantly news commonlyain something!hat is whatt the energysevenare sevenl the Vortexijah.

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