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SPSPCA Canine Adoption Application_2013

SPSPCA Canine Adoption Application_2013

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Published by Christena Stephens
SPSPCA Canine Adoption Application
SPSPCA Canine Adoption Application

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Published by: Christena Stephens on Aug 08, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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South Plains SPCA Canines Adoption Application | 2013
Dog's Name:____________________________Microchip #:___________________________Breed:_________________________________Sex:_____________Age:_____________Other:____________ 
South Plains SPCAAdoption Application for a Dog/Puppy
(Applicants must be 18 or older) Applicant's NameAgeHome phoneCo-Applicant's NameAgeHome phone Applicant's cell phone Co-Applicant's cell phone Applicant's emailCo-Applicant's emailRelationship
SpouseParent/GuardianRoommateSignificant OtherOthe
to co-applicant AddressCityStateZipMailing address (if different from above):If you had to move with this dog, what would you do?How long at your current address?If you have lived at your current address less than oneCityStateZipyear, please list your previous address:Do you:
OwnRentLive with relatives
If with relatives, who is the homeowner?
Do you live in a: □ House TownhouseApt.CondoMobile Home
Landlord/Complex NamePhoneBest time to call? Applicant's EmployerCo-Applicant's Employer If unemployed, please list your source of income:How many adults live in the household?How many children live in the household?(please include children's ages) Ages of other children who will frequently come in contact with the adopted dog (grandchildren, neighbors, etc).Please list other adults residing in the househould (other than applicant and co-applicant)and relationship to you.1____________________________________Relationship:___________________________________2____________________________________Relationship:___________________________________3____________________________________Relationship:___________________________________4____________________________________Relationship:___________________________________
Form 3 - Version January 5, 2013 1
South Plains SPCA Canines Adoption Application | 2013
Do any of the above adults have animals living in orIf yes, please elaborate:frequently visiting the home? YesNoDoes any member of your household suffer from allergies If yes, who and to what kind of animals?or asthma related to animals? YesNoWhy do you wish to adopt this animal? (check all that apply)
Companion Gift Guard dog To breed Personal protectionWatch dog For child For my other pet Other__________________________
Who are you adopting this dog for?
Yourself Relative Friend PetChild Significant Other Other___________________
Is anyone home during the day?YesNoIf yes, who?On average, how many hours per day would this animal be alone? ___________Who will be responsible for the primary care of this pet? Are you willing to take responsibility for this dog for the nextIf No, why not?10-15 years?YesNoDog ExperienceThe last time I owned a dog was:
First time dog owner Have had one or two dogs I own a dog nowWithin the last yeaHad family dog when growing up 2-4 years ago5-10 years agoKnowledgeable and experienced More than 10
years ago Are you familiar with the activity level and habits of thisIf yes, please explain.breed/mix?YesNoWhat attracted you to this dog?What method do you plan on using for housebreaking? (please consider than an already housebroken animal mayhave accidents and/or need a refresher course after being adopted. Are you familiar with crate training?If yes, are you willing to crate train?If you are not familiar, would youlike more information aboutYesNoYesNocrate training? YesNoIf adopting a puppy, at what age do you think a puppy should be housebroken?
Form 3 - Version January 5, 2013 2
South Plains SPCA Canines Adoption Application | 2013
How much time are you willing to allow for the animal to become adjusted to your home? Are you willing to take this dog toHave you ever taken a puppy/dog to anIf yes, what was involved in theobedience class or a privateobedience training class or worked with atraining?trainer?YesNoprivate trainer?YesNoHow would you describe the activity level of your household?
High, always on the go Low, relaxing Normal, go to work and come homeActive, sports and outdoor activities Other:______________________________
The South Plains SPCA requires that all animals adopted from us be spayed or neutered.How do you feel about this?How will you confine your new dog to your property?Do you have a fenced yard?If yes, how tall is the fence?What type of fence is it?YesNoIf there is no fenced in area, how will the dog be exercised or taken out for bathroom breaks?This dog will be:
Indoors only In/Out Outdoors only Don't know yet
Where will the dog be kept during the day?Where will the dog be kept at night?Where will the dog sleep?What do you consider a good/valid reason for you to give up this dog?What do you plan on doing with this dog while you are on vacation?What do you think are the most important responsibilites of owning a dog?What preventative measures will you take to keep this dogIf this animal does get lost, what will you do tofrom getting lost?find it?
Form 3 - Version January 5, 2013 3

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