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Residential South Partners Harts Mill Rezoning: 1440 and 1448 Harts Mill Road

Residential South Partners Harts Mill Rezoning: 1440 and 1448 Harts Mill Road

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Published by thebrookhavenpost
Residential South Partners Harts Mill Rezoning: 1440 and 1448 Harts Mill Road
Residential South Partners Harts Mill Rezoning: 1440 and 1448 Harts Mill Road

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Published by: thebrookhavenpost on Aug 08, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Page 1
Planning Commission
Rz13-07: Residential South Partners, LLC, Seeks the Following: Rezoning of 2.92 AcresLocated at 1440 and 1448 Harts Mill Road, Atlanta GA 30319, from R-A5c to R-A5c (A Changeto Previously Approved Conditions) to Allow for the Construction of Twelve (12) Single FamilyDetached Homes.
The subject site is currently two adjacent lots, owned in common, totaling 2.92 acres. The lots
E.2Packet Pg. 72
Rezoning Ordinance (ID # 1125) Meeting of August 7, 2013Page 2are located at the north side of Harts Mill Road, at its intersection with Bubbling Creek Road. Onthe far north side of the larger of the two lots is a two-story single family home with an accessoryone-story detached garage to its east. The home and garage take access from Harts Mill Road bya driveway east of Bubbling Creek Road. The lots are fully wooded, generally increasing inelevation towards the north, but with a pronounced low area on the southwest, essentiallycomprising the entirety of the smaller of the two lots.These lots were rezoned in 2002 by the current owner/occupant to R-A5c (Single FamilyResidential, Conditional). That zoning was undertaken so that the properties could be subdividedfrom two lots into ten lots, including the existing home which was to remain as a part of thatoriginal zoning approval. The potential development density of the current zoning is 3.42dwelling units per acre. The current proposal is to amend that earlier site plan with a new site plan that creates 12 lots, including the demolition of the existing home and garage. The netaddition to the plan will be two additional home sites, for a revised dwelling unit density of 4.11dwelling units per acre. The site is surrounded by single-family detached homes immediatelyadjacent, zoned R-A5 (Single Family Residential District) to the west, north and east, and R-75(Single Family Residential District) to the south (across Harts Mill Road).
 The submitted site plan indicates the demolition of the existing home and accessory detachedgarage, to allow for the construction of 12 new single family detached homes. All of the proposed new homes will face and take access from a new interior street, proposed to meet HartsMill Road at its intersection with Bubbling Creek Road. All of the new lots conform to the termsof the zoning ordinance for lot area, lot width and setbacks.
Direction Zoning Current Land Use Current Density Future Land Use North R-A5 Single familyresidential, attached2.1 DU/Acre SuburbanEast R-A5 Single familyresidential, detached4.3 DU/Acre SuburbanSouth R-75 Single familyresidential, detachedand attached2.1 DU/Acre SuburbanWest R-A5 Single familyresidential, attached2.1 DU/Acre Suburban
E.2Packet Pg. 73
Rezoning Ordinance (ID # 1125) Meeting of August 7, 2013Page 3
1. Whether the zoning proposal is in conformity with the policy and intent of theComprehensive Plan.
This property is listed on the future land use map in
DeKalb County’s
Comprehensive Plan 2005-2025
as ‘Suburban Character’. The Comprehensive Plan describes
the Suburban Character Area as an area where typical types of suburban residentialsubdivision development have occurred and where pressures for the typical types of suburbanresidential subdivision development are greatest
The Plan indicates that the intent of theSuburban Character Area is to recognize those areas of the county that have developed intraditional suburban land use patterns while encouraging new development to have increasedconnectivity and accessibility. The proposed density for areas of this type is up to 8 dwellingunits per acre as described in the Plan policy
Of note, the property is also located in close proximity to -but not within-
a character area described as ‘Conservation/Greenspace’, due to
the presence of a stream to the north of the property. This character area is summarized in the
Comprehensive Plan as “Primarily undeveloped and environmentally sensitive lan
ds notsuitable for development and areas of protected open space that follow linear features for recreation, and conservation. It also includes lands used for active recreational purposes that
 provide a wide range of activities.”
2. Whether the zoning proposal will permit a use that is suitable in view of the use anddevelopment of adjacent and nearby properties?
This proposal for a one-family detachedresidential use planned for this development site is entirely consistent with the policy intentof the Plan, as the Plan forecasts residential uses in this character area of the city, makingaccommodations for homes to be built at a maximum density of eight units per acre.
3. Whether the property to be affected by the zoning proposal has a reasonable economicuse as currently zoned?
Both the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinance make provisions that allow for greater development density of the subject properties. The currentapproved development density allows for economic use; however, the proposed density of 4.11 units per acre is more in line with suburban development density in this area of the cityand is a more reasonable economic use for the subject property.
4. Whether the zoning proposal will adversely affect the existing use or usability of adjacent or nearby property?
The proposal is to build single family detached infillhousing, which is exactly the same land use pattern that abuts the project to the east, at acomparable development density. It appears the proposed development will not adverselyaffect the area.
5. Whether there are other existing or changing conditions affecting the use anddevelopment of the property which gives supporting grounds for either approval ordisapproval of the zoning proposal?
As noted in item #4 above, the existing land use pattern to the east provides additional supporting grounds for approving the zoning proposal.
6. Whether the zoning proposal will adversely affect historic buildings, sites, districts, orarchaeological resources?
There are no such known historic buildings, sites, districts or 
E.2Packet Pg. 74

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