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7 Golden Child

7 Golden Child

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Published by Elizabeth Breed
September 21, 1990
September 21, 1990

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Published by: Elizabeth Breed on Aug 09, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Golden Child 
September 21, 1990. The bassinette is back out, and Granny, Matilda, and Harry are all 
looking in it, at Nellie’s little sister, Goldie. On the opposite side of the stage,
Nellie and Shakespeare are sitting on the floor, talking, and playing with a few of her dolls.
GRANNY. She’s so beautiful.MATILDA. I still can’t believe how tiny she is. Isn’t she so tiny,
(He nods.)
NELLIE. Shakespeare…
 SHAKEPEARE. Yes, Nellie?NELLIE. How much does a puppy dog weigh?SHAKESPEARE. We
ll assuming what kind of puppy dog… and how old he was… as
much as a mountain.NELLIE. Oh. I thought so.
(They play some more.)
Have you given any thought about you going back to work yet?MATILDA. Maybe in a few months. Three, perhaps. But Har
ry’s going to have to put 
in longer hours, I think. Is that going to be ok, honey?
(Harry nods.)
She already has such beautiful blonde hair.MATILDA. And she looks so peaceful sleeping.
(They sigh, and continue to stare at her, somewhat in a trance.)
 SHAKESPEARE. Yes, Nellie?NELLIE. Why is the ocean blue?
SHAKESPEARE. Well, it’s because at the beginning of the world, everything was
made out of beautiful blue gems, Then it got so windy that they startederoding.NELLIE. Eroding?SHAKESPEARE. Breaking apart, little by little. And each little bit turned into araindrops, eventually filling up the ocean and making it blue.
NELLIE. Oh. I thought so. Hey, let’s play Peter Pan.
 SHAKESPEARE. We played Peter Pan yesterday.
NELLIE. It’s my favorite game! Come on! You play Captain Hook, I’m Peter Pan!
Avast you scurvy dog!SHAKESPARE. Scurvy dog?
NELLIE. I don’t know what that means. Is it bad?
 SHAKESPEARE. No. En garde!
(They start running around.)
Nellie Elizabeth, settle it down!
NELLIE. But mom! Shakespeare and I…
MATILDA. Shakespeare, it’s time to settle her down.
NELLIE. He can’t hear you.
MATILDA. No honey. I can’t hear him. That’s how it works.
Now, settle.NELLIE. We were just playing pretend.MATILDA. Quiet please. Inside voices.NELLIE. Fine.
MATILDA. Nellie… what do we say?
 NELLIE. Sorry, mommy.MATILDA. And your sister?NELLIE. Sorry Goldie.MATILDA. Good girl. Now, go back to your dolls, please.
(She and Shakespeare go back to the dolls.)
SHAKESPEARE. Don’t be so pouty. You’ll get us in trouble.
NELLIE. Mommy wasn’t always like this. She used to play. She used to… not be such
a grown up. Now all she cares about is making daddy happy and my stupidsister.SHAKESPEARE. Come on, you love your sister.
NELLIE. No I don’t! She’s smelly and stupid and I hate her guts.SHAKESPEARE. Maybe now you do, but someday… you and her are going to be best 
friends. Trust me.
NELLIE. I thought you weren’t allowed to tell me the future. That’s what mommy
SHAKESPEARE. It’s likely to happen.
GRANNY. I could just stand like this for hours, watching her sleep.MATILDA. We have been watching her for a long time.GRANNY. Maybe I should go make some dinner.MATILDA. Sounds great. Thanks mom!GRANNY. Nellie, would you like to help Granny in the kitchen with dinner?NELLIE. Can I play dolls with Shakespeare?GRANNY. Of course you can dear.MATILDA. Nellie, you have three more minutes to play then I want you to go helpyour grandmother with dinner, do you understand?
NELLIE. But mom…
MATILDA. No. You’ve been playing all day. You need to be a big girl and help
Granny. No excuses. Understand?NELLIE. Yes mommy.
GRANNY. I’m making your favorite. Mac and cheese. I’ll see you in a few minutes,
(Granny is gone.)
NELLIE. Shakespeare…
 SHAKESPEARE. Yes, Nellie?NELLIE. Why did mommy and daddy forget my birthday?
SHAKESPEARE. They didn’t forget.
 NELLIE. You were the only one who remembered.SHAKESPEARE. Granny made you that scarf.NELLIE. No. She started making a blanket for Goldie, and ran out of yarn.
SHAKESPEARE. It’s a beautiful scarf.NELLIE. They never look at me anymore. Why don’t they look at 
me?SHAKESPEARE. They look at you.
NELLIE. No they don’t! All they see is Goldie. Stupid Goldie.
SHAKESPEARE. Goldie is very special to your mommy and daddy.

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