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Published by: lemain on May 29, 2009
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Children usually have a powerful and unseparable bond with their family. Thesefortunate angels get all the love and attention they call for. But for children less fortunate, theyare also in need of love and care. For example, Jerry, a twelve year old orphan in the short storyA Mother in Mannville by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, had experienced his young life without afamily. He was sent to the orphanage at the age of four. However, as he started to spend timewith the writer who lived in a cabin below the mountains, Jerry felt a great maternal affectiontowards her. They became very close and, hence, developed a strong relationship betweenthem. For Jerry and all children, a child's true wish is for their mother's love.A period of time after Jerry had been with the writer, he developed a strong affectiontowards her. One night, sitting with the woman in front of the warm fire, Jerry becamesentimental, telling her that she looked a little like his mother. He told a moving story about hismother, who lived in Mannville, and how she always sent gifts to him on Christmas and on hisbirthdays. But the story was later revealed that Jerry never had a "mother in Mannville." Hefabricated the lie because he loved the writer just as much as he would love his own mother.Jerry felt that the woman was very close to him, and being with her gave him a warm feeling-afeeling like home. Even the writer's dog, Pat, was intimate and never barked at him. To Jerry,the writer and Pat were a part of his life.If Jerry never felt this kind of motherly love from the woman, he would not have lied abouthis "mother in Mannville." In other words, if the writer was not as nice and understanding, Jerrywould not have lied. He would never want a mother who does not care about him. When Jerrylied about his mother, he wanted the writer to realize that he was really referring to her as his"mother." There was no distance between them and Jerry always felt safe and comfortable totalk to her. But if Jerry never sensed the passion and security from the writer, he would not knowwhat and how mothers truly are. Hence, Jerry would not have made up the story.Children who have the gift of motherly love are always more happy and fulfilled thanthose who does not. In our society, we should encourage people who love children to adoptorphans and give them the love and care they deserve. These children should have the sameprivileges as those with a family. When kind parents adopt these orphans, they are alsoproviding the children hope and happiness for their future.
Growing up without a mother 
Loran SmithAlthough I have met Marianna Farmer, I really don't know her. In fact, I haven't seen her sinceher mother's funeral in late summer 1999.Marianna was only 6 years old when her mom died. While she learned to adjust to a stepmother and move on with her life, she has always been troubled about the premature death of her mother.Recently, I came across an essay Marianna wrote about her unfortunate experience. Her thoughts on the missing piece in her life were poignant and illuminating. There is an Athens linkto Marianna's life. Her uncle is Leo Costa, one of four living members of Georgia's 1942 RoseBowl team. It was her famous uncle who sent along Marianna's essay about growing up withouther mother.Marianna's essay begins with this introduction. "If I had to describe my childhood growing up,the only word I would be able to think of would be 'rough.' I didn't have the normal childhood likemany of my friends did. It wasn't because I didn't have parents or that I was homeless or anything. It was simply because my very best friend was sick -- my mom. My mom wasdiagnosed with leukemia when I was only 9 months old. I don't remember seeing her that much.She was always at different hospitals, and when she was home, she spent most of her time inbed."What Marianna probably doesn't know, unless some family member has told her, is that theinteresting thing about her mother, Courtney, was that she was never without a smile or faiththat she would win the battle with leukemia.Remarkable advances have been made in recent years in the treatment of blood cancers.Unfortunately, Courtney Costa Farmer was unable to survive a bone marrow transplant. In thebeginning, everything seemed promising. The transplant procedure from an unrelated donor appeared to be bringing about desired results. In a departure from normal procedure, hospitalofficials allowed Courtney to contact her donor who lived in Texas. With the early success of theprocedure, the personable Courtney made arrangements to meet her donor.Even though Courtney knew the percentages were not encouraging, she soldiered on with thegreatest of confidence. Her faith was unbending.With bone marrow transplants, there is something called graft-versus-host disease. In layman'sterms, it means that the body essentially rejects the transplant, which meant that Courtneyactually didn't die from leukemia but rather her body's rejection of the donated bone marrow."I remember the last time I saw my mom clearly," Marianna wrote in her essay, "I had justbroken my leg and had gotten my cast off. So we went up to see her. I was so excited to showher how I could walk again without crutches. But what I didn't know was that she and my dadboth knew that she wasn't going to be living for much longer. She died a week after that. I didn'tget a chance to say goodbye or tell her I loved her."Marianna's message is a reminder that we need to express our feelings to our family membersevery day. Embrace them and count our blessings.Marianna also has another message, reflected in the title of her essay."Being strong sometimes means being able to let go."Explanation:
I choose this theme because somehow there’s a little similarities of the stories. Jerrydoesn’t have his parents and to Marriana, her mother died at her very young age. Losing aparents or living without a parents is difficult and painful. It clearly marks the “end of innocence”for the children who are in this kind of case. Most of them face this emptiness as a naturalconsequence of their own aging process. If they’re lucky, the tragedy and loss of a parent isforestalled until they have created alternate sources for unconditional love. That often help themto put the pain into some sort of acceptable perspective. "Being strong sometimes means beingable to let go." This is what Marriana say’s in the story. She learned to face the reality, but withJerry, he hadn’t even met his mother nor even hadn’t experience of having a mother even justfor a while,that’s why maybe when he knew the lady, he begun to create an imagination of having a mother and he even tells a story to this lady that his mother still keeping in touch withhim well in fact that it’s all lies.From the story of A Mother In Mannville, here are some good examples of Specific Quotes:1.) "Size don't matter chopping wood," he said. "Some of the big boys don't chop good."-This quote is an example of characterization. Because that is how the boy would really talk. It isalso characterization because Jerry is saying that his character is strong and he can do a good job chopping the wood.2.) "A light came over him, as though the setting sun had toughed him."-This quote is an example of personification. It is personification because asetting sun cannot touch you, it was just a phrase to add detail to help the reader visualize thesetting.3.) "I am leaving tomorrow." He did not answer. When he went away, I remember that a newmoon hung over the mountains, and I watched him go in silence up the hill.-This quote shows foreshadowing. Foreshadowing is just a small hint that there will be a twistsomewhere in the plot towards the end. I think that this is the point that shows there will be atwist in the story because Jerry was all happy until the narrator announced that she was moving.All of a sudden he is quiet again. I think that this will lead to the narrator finding out somethingabout Jerry that will surprise her.4.) "He looked at me and the coin, and seemed to want to speak, but could not and turnedaway."He was suddenly impelled to speak of things he had not spoken of before."-These quotes show that Jerry has a round character. Round means that his character changesas the story progresses. His character started as a quiet boy from the orphanage who was shyand didn't talk at all. As it gets further into the story, Jerry feels the need to talk to the narrator about his mother. This is why he has a round character.5.) "His eyes, very direct, were like the mountain sky when rain is pending- gray, with ashadowing of that miraculous blue."-This quote is a simile because it is a comparison between two objects using like or as.

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