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Kidz Klub News June2013

Kidz Klub News June2013

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The newsletter for young members of Alliant Credit Union
The newsletter for young members of Alliant Credit Union

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Categories:Types, Business/Law
Published by: Alliant Credit Union on Aug 09, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1. Smaug: $62 billion.
This is thevery smart dragon in “TheHobbit.” He relaxes on his bed of gold coins, jewels and antiques.
2. Flintheart Glomgold: $51.9 billion.
This is the enemy of theDisney duck character, ScroogeMcDuck. Both ducks bet theirfortunes on an around the worldrace. Glomgold got the money,but did he really win the race?Scrooge says he was cheated andis trying to get his money back.
3. Carlisle Cullen: $36.3 billion.
Turning into a vampire when hewas 23 years old, this “Twilight”series character is a doctor whohas saved and invested his moneywisely for the last 370 years.
4. Jed Clampett: $9.8 billion.
This is the poormountaineer who could barely keep his familyfed until he shot a rifle, missed his target andstruck a deep well of “Texas tea.” That meansoil. He then moved his family to a mansion inBeverly Hills, where the movie stars live.
5. Tony Stark: $9.3 billion.
Tony is “The IronMan” and on the Avengers’ team. He owns abig successful company that makes militaryweapons. He had to create his powerful suitof armor to save his own life.
6. Richie Rich: $8.9 billion.
Richie’s parentsare so fantastically wealthy that he can havewhatever he wants, including his own butlerand robot maid.
7. Charles Foster Kane: $8.3 billion.
Charles isthe star of the movie, “Citizen Kane,” abouta very rich newspaper owner. The movie wasmade in 1941 and many people think it’s thebest movie that’s ever been made.8
. Bruce Wayne: $6.9 billion.
Bruce is “Batman,”a man about town, who runs a big businessand gives lots of money to charity. Unlikemost superheroes, Bruce doesn’t have anysuperpowers. But he puts on his bat capeand mask and relies on his superior brains,courage and physical skill to protect GothamCity from villains.
9. Forrest Gump: $5.7 billion.
Tom Hanks wonthe Academy Award for Best Actor for playingForrest in a 1994 movie. Forrest is not smart.In fact, he only scored 78 on an IQ test, whichmeasures people’s intelligence. (Most peoplescore from 85 to 114. Anyone with a scoreover 160 is considered a genius.) Forrest is sogood natured and focused that good thingshappen to him. He started becoming rich bystarting a shrimp fishing company with hisfriend.
10. Mr. Monopoly: $2.5 billion.
He wears a tophat. He’s sometimes called Rich “Uncle”Pennybags. He is the mascot of the board game, Monopoly.This game was inventedin 1934 and uses playmoney. But throughthe years, it has helpedkids learn how to dealwith real money.
Who are the world’s richestfictional characters?Comic book pop quizHere’s a chance for students to win a computer gift card
Who are the world’s richest fictional characters?
June 2013the newsletter for young members of Alliant Credit Union
kidz klub news
Each year, magazine presents a list of the richest characters that live in the world of cartoons,movies, books, TV and video games. is a serious magazine about financial news and how to makemoney. And although its editors have fun and enjoy some laughs when they create the list, they also do alot of math to figure out who really would be the richest.One character that isn’t on the list is Santa Claus. Why? The people at think Santa Claus has moremoney than you could ever dream of. But when they included Santa on the list in the past, they were“bombarded by letters from outraged children insisting that Claus is ‘real.’” So Santa is off the list.Today, here are the richest characters, according to .
June Savings Dividend
June 2013 Savingsand IRA dividend
, declared05/23/13, provides a CompoundedAnnual Percentage Yield of
Dividends are paid on thelast day of the month toaccountholders who havemaintained an average dailybalance of $100 or more.Savings dividend is subject tochange monthly.
June Checking Dividend
June 2013 High RateChecking dividend
, declared05/23/13, provides a CompoundedAnnual Percentage Yield of
Checking dividends are paid on the last day of each month toaccountholders who meet therequirements of the account.Checking dividend is subject tochange monthly.
Sources: , moviefone.com,nbcnews.com and wikipedia.org

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